Monday, June 11, 2007

Building Anticipation

It's starting. The anticipation of seeing Trevor on Friday is starting to build and I am getting excited. The longer he is away, the more often (and longer) we seem to talk on the phone. It's at about this point that I start to allow myself to think about him, whereas it was too hard last week. When I thought too long and hard about how far away he was and how long it would be before he would be coming home, it would just upset me. But now that we have less than a week to go, I can look forward to his return without being sad about the fact that he's gone.

I think the kids are finally out of the woods with the fever. For the first time in 6 days, Nathan woke up with no fever and Gracie's was low grade. With any luck they will back at Heather's tomorrow and splashing in the wade pool again. They are really enjoying going over to her house and I will be glad to get them back on a schedule again. Silly things like schedules and order seem to fly out the window when there is fever and sickness involved!

Things at work are really insane right now. It's vacation season, and because of the recent merger with Memorial Hermann we are required to take several mandatory "indoctrination and propaganda" classes. The problem is that we have people off for vacation and it's a nightmare trying to find class times that correspond to days that everyone is here so that there is adequate coverage. In addition to all of the general classes, I am taking a few extra for administrative training to help Janet out. She has been trying to do the job of two people since Marilyn was let go, and the better trained I am in those areas, the better for all of us.

I need to make a list of things that I have to get done before Friday. Grace has a birthday party to attend Saturday and I need to purchase a gift. I want to cut the grass Thursday evening so it will be done for the weekend and we can just lounge around and enjoy having Trevor home. There are so many more items I need to add to the list and they are just swirling around in my head, irritating me.

I have this weird sense of peace when I finally commit them to paper because it's like I can let go of it. They will not be forgotten now that they are out of my head and on an orderly list. And there is that satisfying single black line through each item as it is completed. I live for those little black lines. Mentally putting the black line through the task doesn't even come close to real pen and paper. Again, we'll just chalk it up to my OCD tendencies with no comments from the peanut gallery.....

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Anonymous said...

Oh, but the joy of a bi-colored list. One color for the task and a bright, contrasting color for the lovely line marking through the item! Love you, R