Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Split Personality

I think Grace has a split personality. I have never seen a child go from "I'm completely content and happy with my life" to "My life is over and I never get my way" so quickly. The transformation generally happens when she is perfectly happy with one parent, and then the other parent comes home. It's almost as though a switch is being flipped in her brain that causes her to freak out.

She goes from sunshiny and happy to dark and whiny before you can say dissociative identity disorder. It doesn't matter if you give in to her every whim or deny her even the basic comforts, she whines and cries. It's absolutely amazing how she turns it on and off. We are trying to figure out what it is that makes her do it, because we don't allow her to play us against each other. Neither one of us behaves differently regarding discipline when we are together or alone, so that can't be it either. We are at a bit of a loss, and all we can do is suffer through it and not give in to her shenanigans.

Kaben is spending the night with Nathan tonight. I didn't tell Nathan about it so that he would be surprised when he saw Kaben, and I wasn't disappointed. I picked Kaben up from his sitter first, and then went to get Nathan and Grace. Nathan was so absorbed in his video game that he didn't see us come in the house, and Kaben took the opportunity to hide behind a chair. When the kids saw me, they came running for hugs and sugar and I gladly obliged. Meanwhile, Kaben sneaked up behind Nathan and tapped him on the shoulder. I wish I had a picture of the look on Nathan's face! It was priceless!

So, the boys have played outside and now we are in post-dinner computer game mode. Gracie is watching Curious George in the playroom and I have a few minutes to catch my breath before the evening bath-bedtime dance begins. It's in the middle of this dance that I truly appreciate how well my kids get ready for bed and then stay there. We don't have to fight them to go to sleep. They say their prayers, we turn out the lights and that's it.

It's truly a blessing, and when I hear horror stories from my friends about getting their kids to sleep I feel (and I am a little ashamed to admit this) a bit smug. Then I remember Gracie's split personality and I am brought down a couple of notches. She may go to sleep on command, but she can make you want to beg for a sharp stick to the eardrum just to stop the sound of the whining sometimes.


Professor Howdy said...

Very good posting.
Thank you - Have a good day!!!

Kellye said...

Glad to hear Kaben played along with the surprise! Oh and call me when you're reaching for the sharp stick, I'll talk you down off your ledge.