Thursday, June 7, 2007

No More Curious George!

I would give cash money to the person who could promise me that I would never have to watch another episode of Curious George. Now don't get me wrong....Curious George is great, and the show on PBS is educational and fun. I just wish Nathan and Grace would find another television show that they want to watch.

Trevor and I recently realized how much TV the kids were actually watching, and so we decided that they needed to spend more time outside. When he is home, we spend a good many of our evenings outside on the deck watching them play on the swing set or running around playing tag. But the combination of Nathan being sick and the weather being hot, has forced us indoors for the last several days and I am pretty much sick of Curious George.

When I have the audacity to suggest something else for our viewing pleasure, I am shut down with identical, dual looks of incredulity and cries of "No! Curious George!" So I sigh and sit back down for the 329th viewing of the episode where George breaks his leg. Then we watch the one where he refuses to take a bath. Then we watch....well, you get the general picture here.

I was overjoyed to see that Nathan's fever had broken today because I am happy that he is not miserable anymore. I am sad to report that I was almost as happy at the thought of no more marathon Curious George viewing and that our night life would be back to normal soon. Not only does the hour or two of outdoor play keep the kids in shape, it also tires them out so they sleep well at night. I am all about the things that tire the kids out. Seriously.

So, Nathan is feeling better and my sanity is returning. I have to say that I was really lucky that Gracie was not sick too, and that although I am congested I did not have fever to deal with. All in all, this episode was not as bad as it could have been. When one of the kids is sick, I am reminded of how fragile life is (it comes with the territory when you are a worrier) and how grateful I am that I have healthy, happy children.

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