Saturday, June 16, 2007

Weird Civility

Usually the anticipation of an event is as satisfying as the event itself for me. Not this time. Nothing compares to having Trevor home with us. To be able to stretch my foot out in the middle of the night and find a warm leg to touch instead of a vast expanse of cold sheet was comforting. I did it over and over again last night just to reassure myself that Trevor was indeed home, and then I snuggled further down into my blankets with a feeling of total security and peace as I drifted back to sleep.

It's a little strange having him home, though. For the first few days that he is home, we treat each other with this weird civility...we're almost too polite, if that is possible. It's as if we are testing the waters of our relationship after no real contact for 2 weeks. Have the boundaries changed? Can I do this or that? I know it seems strange...two weeks is not that long to be apart, but we always have this little dance when he gets home. By day three we are completely back to normal and it's as if he never left, but it always takes a little time to readjust.

We have a birthday party to attend this afternoon from 4-6 pm for Gracie's friend Paige, and the kids are really looking forward to it. They are going to have a moonwalk and wade pool to play in, and Nathan and Grace can't wait to go. They are taking a nap right now so they won't turn into Mr. and Mrs. Crankypants in the middle of the party.

Speaking of pants....Gracie is doing really well with her potty training. I had been bragging to Trevor about how she wasn't having any accidents, etc and as soon as he got home yesterday she wet her panties not just once, but twice! It's like having an extra person in the house threw her energy all off and she was suddenly unable to use the toilet. Trevor jokingly told me that I was making the whole thing up and lied about the potty training.

I am happy to report that she has been clean and dry all day today and that her issues yesterday were probably just related to her excitement over Daddy being home again. So what we have here is the obvious was Trevor's fault. According to him, it's somehow always his fault, so I think we should stick with this line of reasoning.

We are planning to have dinner with Trevor's parents for Father's Day tonight. We are going to meet them at Chili's when they get out of church. I'm really liking this new tradition of dinner the night before Mother's/Father's Day with his parents so we can spend the next day celebrating however we want to.

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