Saturday, June 2, 2007

The Birthday Party

Gracie's birthday party was today and we had a great time. I am exhausted now, but it was worth the effort. We had 7 kids and 10 adults which was a perfect ratio as far as I was concerned!

Mama was in town for the party and I was so glad to have her here this morning as I was trying to finish cleaning and decorating. We made the cake last night, but we did pretty much everything else today. There was a banana pudding to make, balloons to blow up with the helium tank and drinks to put on ice just to name a few. Between the two of us, we worked from the time we got up until the party started at 2 pm.

The kids played outside for a while and then we had cake and opened presents. Gracie was so polite...she said thank you to each person as she opened the gift. Well, I say she was polite. She started thanking people because Kaben leaned over and whispered etiquette instructions in her ear. Kellye and I thought it was pretty funny.

After the presents were opened and the cake was eaten, we moved on to the pin the tail on the donkey. Except instead of a donkey it was Curious George holding an ice cream cone and instead of a tail it was candy sprinkles for the ice cream. So I guess that means it wasn't pin the tail on the donkey at all, but the kids still had a good time. Gracie's friend Nate got the closest and so he received a Curious George coloring book as a prize. (Nathan actually put the topping exactly on the cone, but I think there might have been a little peeking going on.)

After that, we went outside beat the pinata to smithereens which the kids really loved. There is something about having permission to destroy an object with no retaliation or punishment. It's a situation where you are rewarded for being destructive and what kid doesn't get into that!? After the little ones had their turns, we let Nathan and Kaben got to town so that the candy would actually end up on the ground.

After the candy and toys were collected and tucked away in goodie bags, the party quickly disintegrated. It was pretty hot and the kids were getting tired and a little cranky. We tried to get a picture of all of the kids together, but Nick (Trevor's nephew) refused to sit with the other kids. He pitched a screaming fit, but Charly got him to sit long enough for me to snap a picture without any adults in it. I included it in the scrapbook below, and you'll notice that the other kids are completely disinterested in the whole situation. Oh well...we tried!

All in all it was a good time and I'm so glad that everyone was able to come. I really missed Trevor, but I know that he will enjoy seeing the pictures and videos. So now I have almost an entire year before I have to plan another birthday party and that just thrills me to death!

Gracie's 3rd Birthday Party
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