Sunday, July 1, 2007

God is in Control

The lesson for Sunday School was a really good one this week. I should probably clarify that by saying that God's Word is always good, but sometimes it speaks to my heart more directly than others. We are studying the book of Ephesians, and this lesson focused on 3:14-21 which is one of Paul's prayers for the believers at Ephesus. It is an incredible model of how we are supposed to approach the Lord in prayer and for the things we should ask for when we pray.

As I taught the lesson to my group of ladies this morning, I really felt like the Spirit was speaking through me as an encouragement to them. I saw heads nodding (I don't think it was from sleepiness!) as I spoke and I really felt like I presented this scripture in a way that they had not thought of before. Knowing that God was using me was such an encouragement to me and made me mentally redouble my efforts to be the best Sunday School leader that I can be. I encouraged each person to use their spiritual gifts for the edification of the church and prayed that God would open up opportunities for me to be used as well.

At the end of morning worship, our friends Kenneth and Kellye walked down the aisle with their son Kaben. He made a profession of faith this morning and my heart was so full of joy for him and for our friends. As I watched him lean his head against the pastor's chest and say that prayer, I was struck once again at the power and might of our God. Without disclosing any unnecessary details, the circumstances surrounding Kaben's conception and birth were not ideal to say the least. But looking back at that and seeing how differently Kaben's life could have turned out, I was moved to tears at the way God uses every single circumstance in our lives to change and shape us into what He wants.

There was no way for Kellye to know 7 years ago when she took inventory of her life and then fell on her knees before God and allowed Him to turn her life completely around that it would have a lasting effect on my walk with God. But that is how God works. We are not meant to see the big picture, we just need to be willing to paint our little part of it. Seeing Kaben give his heart and life over to Jesus Christ strengthened my own conviction that God sends heartache and pain as well as joy and happiness to us, and it is all a part of the bigger plan. Praise God that He is in control of all things!

God’s grace is sufficient for me, for me
God’s grace is sufficient for me
When it seems all hope is gone,
He is high upon His throne
Working out the plan He started in me
Even when the way is dark, and I can’t see very far
He the Bright and Shining Light will be
I will worship and proclaim and give glory to His name
For His grace is sufficient for me.
---Greater Vision

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Kellye said...

When Kenneth knelt down when Pastor Randy prayed...I thought I would break out in a complete sob! I was trying to be tough, but not doing too well. Sweet of you to mention this exciting event in your blog! :o)