Sunday, July 29, 2007

Conversations From the Backseat

Nathan: "Nothing smells worse than wet dog."
**pause **
Nathan: "I wonder what wet cat smells like? Or wet gerbil?"
**(we have 2)**
Grace: "Gerbils poop."
Nathan: "Yes, gerbils pee and poop."
Grace: "That's yucky."
**short pause**
Grace: "Look! There's a cloud!"

Yes, Trevor and I were about to have aneurysms trying to hold in our laughter. It may not sound as funny in print, but if you could have been there to hear it, you would have burst out laughing. Sometimes I wish I had a hidden microphone so I could catch all of these interactions.

We were on the way home from Trevor's parent's house on Friday night, where we had spent the evening with his aunt and uncle who were in town from San Antonio. It was good to see them and we had a great time just watching the "grown-ups" talk and interact around the dining room table. I wonder at what age I will stop feeling like the "kid"? I'm 35 with two children of my own, yet I still don't feel like the grown-up yet, particularly when we have a family get together.

We spent Saturday visiting with Mama and Daddy and trying to get some chores done before our "Days of Freedom" begin. I don't want to waste one single moment of our time together doing housework or grocery shopping! The parental units left around noon to drive to Temple for the wedding they were attending, and we got a call from our friends Kenneth and Kellye inviting us over for impromptu burgers. We accepted gladly, because we haven't spent any time with them in so long. Kellye and I were lamenting last week that we couldn't wait for school to start so that everyone's schedule would firm up again and we could see each other more regularly.

They just moved into their new house and they officially have the nicest house in our group of friends. I don't say this with a bit of jealousy...their place is awesome! They have so much room for entertaining, a kitchen that I would love to cook in and a fenced in backyard. We spent the evening catching up and playing spades. (In between responding to cries from the 3 and almost 2 year old, that is) I watched Kellye play an entire hand of spades AND pop popcorn for the kids, get them set-up in the living room for a movie, and get drinks. Talk about multi-tasking! I should add that we won the was quite amazing!

Anyway, I need to get off this computer and pack the kid's bags for the trip to Louisiana. I haven't even started and I need to get dressed for church too. Sounds like the beginning of a typical Sunday morning!


t_kopecky said...
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Kellye said...

I could only multitask because I have watched you do it so many times, I have learned a little! And WE ROCK when it comes to Spades! Thanks for the compliments on the house. I have found that cleaning it and mowing the yard surrounding it has begun to be a real challenge.