Wednesday, July 11, 2007

The Antidote to My Stress

I would like to take a minute and give a shout- out to my awesome husband today. Our church is in the midst of the craziness we like to call Vacation Bible School. I am helping with the refreshments this year (I did not want a repeat of last year's near heat stroke from being a "walker"), which means that I get to work in the comfortable, air conditioned kitchen and den. All in all a really cushy job and I am working with some truly wonderful women that I am getting to know better.

However, in order to participate in said VBS, I have to go directly to church after work with no time for dinner or winding down before hitting the floor running to get snacks ready for the kids. Our census is climbing back up at work and as a result, I am not leaving until right at five (or six, like last night) which really rushes me for getting to church on time.

Anyway, for the last two evenings when I have walked through the front door, Trevor has been so attentive and wonderful. It's like he knew that I would need extra love and attention this week and has really stepped up to the plate. He made sure my Vanilla Coke Zero was frosty cold on Monday night, and took care of getting the kids fed and into bed. Last night he brought me a cold drink (not realizing that I already had one), but he still gets huge points for the thought. It's not as though he has cooked 7 course meals every night and lavished me with gifts, but it's the little gestures that mean so much.

When he does things that make me more comfortable, it makes me feel more secure and loved and I want to do things for him in return. Isn't that what our marriages are all about, really? When you give cheerfully and with a loving heart, it always comes back to you tenfold. He doesn't do things for me to keep me quiet (I don't think) or to trick me in some way. He does things for me because he loves and cherishes me. I, in turn, am more motivated to submit to him willingly and gladly because I know he genuinely has my best interests at heart. It's beautiful the way God intended our marriages to be, the giving and taking is so circular and it just feeds on itself.

Thank you God. Thank you for a loving, devoted, faithful husband that I can count on day in and day out. Help me to love him better and to meet his needs the way he meets mine.

And rock my face off!


Karen said...

It sounds like you have a real gem there! You must be pretty awesome, too, for him to care for you like that.

I finally got my 5 things meme up! Sorry it took so long.

Robin said...

Hi- I found you through Karen at Over the Garden Fence.
Your hubby sounds like mine - what would we EVER do without them? I never want to find out!
We have VBS next week - I'm trying to get myself psyched for it. It's fun but you are right - it is EXHAUSTING!