Friday, July 6, 2007

The Wedding

The phone rang at 8:30 am. It was Trevor's mom letting us know that they would be picking us up at 9:00 am for our visit to the cemetery, interrupting my dreamless slumber.


After a few terse words with my husband, he called her back and explained that we needed until at least 10:00 am to get dressed and eat breakfast. Thankfully, she agreed and we were able to wake up completely (after copious amounts of coffee) before embarking on our first outing of the day.

Trevor's Grandpa Reeder was killed in an accident long before Trevor was ever born, and the only grandfather he ever knew was his grandmother's 3rd husband, Grandpa Cunningham. This was the grave we went to visit at the Florida National Cemetery. It was awe inspiring to see the neat rows of headstones aligned perfectly no matter what angle you looked at them. It was very reminiscent of Arlington, and the atmosphere was dignified and reverent.

Using the map that his grandmother was given when he was buried, we found the marker indicating where his ashes were buried. I was proud to see that he had earned the Purple Heart during his service in WWII. He was wounded in North Africa by a piece of shrapnel, that almost severed his left thumb.

After we had seen his marker, we wandered around for a little while looking at other sections of the cemetery. We came upon a section labeled "MD" and as we read the headstones we realized that they were all erected in memory of soldiers who were either MIA or fought in wars so far out of memory that the bodies no longer exist. The "MD" stood for "Missing Dead" (we assume), and we found a marker from the Revolutionary War as well as one from the Civil War.

Once we were finished at the cemetery, we headed back to Inverness to finish up some errands and to rest for a little while before the wedding. Trevor took me out for a pedicure and then we ate a late lunch. We went back to the hotel, and I laid down for a 15 minute power nap before I needed to get up and start getting dressed. It turns out that we miscalculated how long it would take us to get to Plantation Inn and we arrived just as the ceremony was starting. They had just brought in the mother of the groom, so we didn't miss anything.

It was a lovely service and Nick was perfect as the ring bearer. He looked so sweet in his little tux with shorts and knee high socks. Trevor's cousins are just beautiful and Kristin just glowed (and not just from the heat!) as she said her vows. After the ceremony, we headed back inside for the reception. The room was beautiful and the wedding cake was incredible! I lamented for the hundredth time that I had forgotten to bring my camera.

The entire evening went smoothly and it was fun visiting with family and seeing Dwain and Susan relax after the stress of planning a wedding. I wish that we knew them better because I always enjoy visiting with them (albeit briefly) when we see them. Trevor and I would really like to take a trip to Florida with the kids and spend some time with them alone. I want Nathan and Grace to know their Uncle Dwain and Aunt Susan the way they know my aunts and uncles. Family is the most important thing that we have and I covet those relationships above all others.

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