Monday, July 2, 2007

Two By Two

Well, I finally got in to have that root canal done and I am pleased to report that it went smoothly and I can eat on the left side of my mouth again! I've never had a root canal before and I have to say that it was like getting a cavity filled, except that it took a little longer. I looked (and spoke) like a stroke victim for a few hours after the procedure, which made for an interesting lunch but all in all it was a positive experience. I am ready for the trip to Louisiana and Florida now that I don't have to worry about my tooth anymore.

We are finishing up the laundry so we can pack for this trip every last stitch of clothing that we own. OK, so maybe that's not entirely accurate but it sure feels like it when you are packing for a family of four. I really shouldn't complain because at least I'm done with the years of packing diapers, formula, bottles, sterilizing equipment, pacifiers, burp cloths, etc. It was quite a shock the first time we went home to Louisiana after Nathan was born. I am not a girly girl, so my packing was almost as sparse as Trevor, and suddenly we were loading one bag for Trevor and me, and 14 for the baby. It bordered on the ridiculous, but we were soon used to this mode of travel.

Now we only need two suitcases, two bikes, two pillows, two stuffed animals, two blankets and a partridge in a pear tree. Maybe this is why I frequently feel like Noah's wife....I run a zoo and everything comes in pairs! Don't forget the DVD player for the car, the lunch bag with cold drinks and snacks and the collection of DVDs. We bought a Tahoe to accommodate all the junk we take with us on trips, and sometimes it doesn't seem big enough to hold the stuff and people.

In spite of all the preparation required for our family to take a trip, we always enjoy ourselves. Trevor and I are especially looking forward to the leg of the trip after we drop the kids off at Mama and Daddy's and can have a conversation without answering questions from the backseat, opening juice containers and doling out snacks. Most importantly, we don't have to listen to Nemo, Curious George or Cars playing in the background. I can read my book, or work on my needlepoint or *gasp* sleep! we come!

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TammieFay said...

It is so good to meet you! My daughter Jennifer at Savor the Master's Blend has just gone on and on about you! You have given her much encouragement...thank you so much!

I too, was very convicted when I read Beth's! That's one of the reasons why this "blogging journey" is such a blessing. We learn so much from each other.

I look forward to getting to know you and your precious family...have a great vacation!