Sunday, April 29, 2007

I Love My Husband

I love my husband. I love being married to a man who has seemingly infinite knowledge regarding all things mechanical. No matter what the problem around the house, Trevor will find a way to fix it and/or make it better than it was to begin with.

He was up early yesterday morning to make a run to Lowe's and Dirt Cheap Mulch Co. to get project materials. The first trip he made was to get a 1/2 yard of dirt to fill in some low spots by the deck. Once he unloaded that and spread it out, he was off again for more supplies. Trevor 1, House 0.

Our driveway becomes a wade pool every time it rains and has been this way since the house was built over 30 years ago. If you have the misfortune of having to park at the end of the driveway, you might as well take your shoes off and wade in. Anyway, Trevor finally got tired of the drainage problem and designed a way to take care of the excess water. He dug a trench along the end of the driveway and then laid perforated pipe in it. He covered it with rocks and when we tested it with the water hose, the water drained into the ditch perfectly leaving the driveway dry and puddle free. Trevor 2, House 0.

With the first two projects under his belt, Trevor decided to tackle the side yard where he had spread the fill dirt earlier. He called me outside so we could discuss what we wanted to do with the space. The problem we have is that the side yard next to the backdoor is low lying and tends to stay pretty muddy. This makes it messy to take the trash out and to get to the front gate. We decided that instead of laying slate or paving stones, it would be faster and asthetically pleasing if we extended the deck out approximately 5 more feet. So Trevor began the hot work of building the addition to the deck, but when he was finished, it looked wonderful and added about 70 square feet to the space. Trevor 3, House 0.

In between the big projects, he fixed the railing on the other side of the deck and moved and adjusted the water nozzles for the misting system. He worked all day long to make our home more beautiful and functional and never complained or stopped working. He takes care of so many things for us and does them with a willing heart.

So this morning when I go out to the deck to enjoy my coffee, I will look around at his handiwork and be thankful all over again. I love my husband.

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