Sunday, April 22, 2007

Anniversary Trip Part II

Let's see.....where were we? Oh yeah, just dressed and ready to start the day. We walked down the street to Alamo plaza where there were a few things that we wanted to check out. It turns out that none of it seemed interesting once we were there except for this thing called the Ultimate Mirror Maze Challenge. It was a maze made entirely of mirrors in a dark room with only red lights to guide you. It was so much fun! You put on plastic gloves (so the mirrors don't get smeared) and the object is to find the exit which is harder than you might think. You can go through it as many times as you want and it's an all day ticket in case you decide that you haven't had enough of bumping into mirrors that look like corridors!

After that we went to La Villita but were disappointed to find that most of the stores were closed. We think they were preparing for Fiesta because there were a lot of temporary structures being erected and workmen everywhere. We did find a store that made scented wax chips in a small factory there on site and purchased some for the house. We went back down into the River Walk to just see where we ended up. After walking back to the Rivercenter we decided that we wanted to find a Pappasito's for lunch. I hate to say this, but we don't really like any of the Mexican restaurants on the River Walk or nearby. So we went back to the hotel to get the car and drove to lunch which was fabulous (as usual). We decided over lunch to go to Brackenridge Park to the botanical gardens for the afternoon.

Mama had recommended this to me a few weeks ago, but I didn't think Trevor would be interested. It turns out that he was and it was a beautiful place to stroll around. The weather was perfect and it had incredible landscaping that fit right in with the natural surroundings. We spent several hours there and by the time we left we were pretty tired. We figured that a movie would be the perfect place to rest up so we drove back to the Rivercenter for a movie. We saw "The Reaping" with Hillary Swank and let me just save you $8 plus the cost of snacks. The most I can say is that we had 2 hours to sit and rest before we did more walking.

We went back through the Rivercenter one more time to get a present for Nathan (ant farm....we may live to regret that purchase) and to get back to the car. Once we were back at the hotel we got cleaned up and changed to go out for dinner. We had heard that Texas Land and Cattle had really good steaks, so Trevor checked the yellow pages for a location nearby. He found one and decided that since it was getting dark and it was a good walk from the hotel we should just drive there. So at 7:45 we set out to find the restaurant but discovered that it was no longer there. We knew there was one close to Pappasito's and it meant getting back on the freeway and going further that we had anticipated, but we really wanted to try this place so off we went. On the way, we passed a Benihana's and thought that would be a fun place to try so Trevor tried to exit so we could turn around and go back. Tip for San Antonio travel: their exit and u-turn system is nothing like Houston (or the rest of Texas). We must have driven down I-10 West a good 5 miles before we finally found a place to turn around! So we finally made it to Benihana's, go inside and discover that there is a 1 hour wait for a table. Right.

So as we are pulling into the parking lot of Texas Land and Cattle I realize that we have been driving around for an hour trying to find the perfect place to eat. I have to say that it was worth the wait. It was quite possibly the best steak I've ever had, and the company just made it better.

So today is Sunday and we slept in until 8 am and are planning to head out to make the trip back home. We are going to stop on the way and get some food to go and eat by the Guadelupe river. We really miss the kids and can't wait to see them, and want to get home in time to go to our small group at church tonight. It's been a great trip. We've had time to relax, reconnect and basically just lounge around together and I couldn't have asked for anything more. It's been a perfect getaway with my one and only love....can't wait for next year!

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