Saturday, April 21, 2007

Anniversary Trip Part I

Trevor and I left yesterday morning for San Antonio to celebrate our 10th anniversary. We decided that we would stop on the way and go through the natural bridge caverns since Trevor had never been to one. It's funny that we lived in Carlsbad, New Mexico for a year and never visited the caverns there. Anyway, it turned out to be a great time. The weather was so beautiful....clear, breezy and 75. We walked around outside waiting for the tour to begin and just enjoyed the hill country landscape and being together.

The walk through the caverns was about an hour and we went 180 feet underground. It might not occur to everyone right at first that if you go down 180 feet you at some point have to come up 180 feet. Yes, you are nodding your head and snickering shouldn't be too hard to envision Trevor and I huffing and puffing back up the steep, slippery path to daylight! Actually, it wasn't too bad for me because I do a lot of walking at work, but Trevor realized what his desk job is doing to his endurance. We may have to rethink the concept of a family walk/bike ride in the evenings.

The formations in the caverns were quite beautiful and each vault we entered seemed more amazing than the last. We were glad to get back to the surface after only an hour because although the temperature was about 70 degrees, the relative humidity was 99% with no moving air. Combine that with a constant uphill walk for the last part of the trip, and you are longing to pull in a deep breath of dry, cool air.

After the tour was finished we made our way into San Antonio to check into the hotel and get cleaned up before we went out for the evening. Because this is a PG blog (and because my parents read it!) I will suffice it to say that we are greatly enjoying each other's company and leave it at that. We decided to walk around for a bit before we ate so we went down to the river walk for a stroll. It was really nice to just stop and look leisurely at whatever caught our eye without checking our watches every 10 minutes to make sure we weren't going to be late picking up the kids or getting home to relieve the babysitter. We ended up eating dinner at Hooters (we can't help it...we love the wings!) and then walking around the Rivercenter as we waited for the comedy show we planned to see begin. I've been to better live comedy shows, but we had a good time and we met some people from Lake Charles while we waited. They looked to be in their 40's and were on their honeymoon. It's funny that no matter where you go you can meet people with something in common with yourself....where they are from, religion, job...whatever. There is always something that connects us to the bigger picture around us if we are just willing to open up and make contact.

By the time we left the club it was 10:30 pm which to parents with young children translates into 2am single time. We went directly to bed and fell into a deep sleep which did not end until this morning when we woke up without the aid of an alarm clock or small child crawling in between us. I have to admit that I miss the small child part a little, but the alarm clock thing is great! We just finished getting dressed and we are ready to start our first full day in San Antonio. Not exactly sure what we are going to do, but it doesn't matter because we have all day and we are together.

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