Thursday, March 29, 2007

Weekend Visitor!

My sister is coming to see me this weekend. She lives back home in Louisiana and is on her way as I sit here and blog. I am so excited at the prospect of seeing her again! She is 7 years younger than me, but in the last few years we have really begun to establish an adult relationship with each other. It's been so long since we've sat down together sans family and just talked. Oh, we chat on the phone and we zip off the occasional email, but we haven't spent any real time together for so long. This is why I am so excited about her visit. I took some vacation time from work for tomorrow, the kids will be at school/daycare and Trevor will be at work, leaving us alone for the whole day.

There will be things to do....I need to get everything ready for Nathan's 6th birthday party, but we will be doing it together. Amber is so much fun to be with and I am looking forward to some great catching up time. And I am glad that she is going to be here for Nathan's party, for more reasons than one. Amber and my enchanting friend Kellye were best friend soul-mates in high school. As often happens, time and circumstance came between them and they have just recently begun to tentatively repair those bonds that once held them so close. Kellye will be at the party Friday night since her son is Nathan's best friend, and it will give them a chance to catch up a little bit.

Speaking of Nathan, he was a ball of energy and excitement this morning. He wore his button proclaiming to the Kindergarten class that he was 6 years old today. He brought fluffy cupcakes to school to share with his classmates. He chose the menu for tonight's dinner (we're having cheese pizza). His friend turned 7 years old in January, and Nathan was excited this morning when he announced that he was "catching up" to Kaben since he was 6 instead of 5 now. No amount of discussion and logic could convince him that Kaben will always be 1 year and 3 months older than he!

I'm looking forward to getting home tonight and celebrating his birthday as a family. Just the act of eating together and being in such a loving environment makes me so thankful for my husband and kids. Then I have the continued pleasure of anticipating of Amber's arrival tonight. It's going to be a great weekend!

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Kellye said...

I love how I am still considered "enchanting". I guess I'll know when our relationship is on the rocks when my status becomes anything less. :o)