Monday, March 12, 2007

And So it Begins....

The diet that is. I lost about 50 lbs last spring/summer with the help of some consistent circuit training and Weight Watchers. When my grandfather passed away this past August, I spent the entire trip home to Louisiana enjoying the good home cooking that I associate with a) my family and b) funerals. We're from the wouldn't be considered a proper funeral without eating in the fellowship hall afterwards. Several times during that visit, my brother and his wife (who are usually dieting with me) laughed off the extra eating with me by commenting, "Leave us alone...we're grieving!" Now that may sound crass to some, to joke about Gramps' death like that, but that's the kind of family we are. If you can't find the humor in the situation, then what's the point? I am more likely to break out into nervous laughter at a funeral than a crying's just the way I'm made. Anyway, that's completely off the current subject, so I'll move on.

So, after the food fest I had in August I never really got back on track with my diet and exercise. Then came the dreaded holiday season; in my family it's just not Thanksgiving and Christmas without round the clock eating of all the traditional foods that we enjoy. Colossal cookies, caramel popcorn, Texas trash, Martha Washington candy, cheese logs, sausage pinwheels....oh the list goes on and on. So you see my problem.....grief eating and then traditional holiday gorging. Just as we got past the holidays and I felt my resolve strengthening, we had another death in the family. My uncle Tellius had been ill for several years with colon cancer and finally succumbed to it. He passed away on my 35th birthday and I am actually glad that it happened that way. Although I could never forget him no matter when he died, now I will have a special reason to remember him every year.

So more grief eating and lowered resolve followed, and here we are. The good news is that I've only gained back about 10 lbs in spite of my best efforts to ruin my progress. The bad news is that I will be cranky and hungry for about a week until I get my body realigned with healthy eating and exercise habits. This has prompted me to issue a general warning to all family and friends who might have the opportunity to come into direct contact with me. I AM CRANKY AND HUNGRY. IF I SNAP AT YOU, IT IS JUST MY STOMACH TALKING. DO NOT TAKE IT PERSONALLY. That is all.

I make a solemn pledge to all people out there who do not need or want to do Weight Watchers: "I will try to keep conversations about my weight, number of points consumed daily and point values of food to a bare minimum. I give permission for blank stares and glassy eyes if I begin such a conversation." I have been told that I obsess (whatever) about the point values of food not just for myself, but for every one around me. It's not my fault if I feel compelled to point out that the 350lb woman at the table next to us at Chili's is eating a 45 point Awesome Blossom all by herself. Or that maybe, just maybe we could all use a little self control when eating those 2 point a pop candies. But I will do my best this time not to bore you guys with the detail...I will just dazzle you with the results!

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