Sunday, April 13, 2008

Odds and Ends

There are several random things that have been rolling around in my brain that are not enough for individual posts, so I'm going to put them all here. I think I might start doing this periodically...

Item One: I got my first calligraphy contract on Friday. I've done calligraphy for my family (wedding invitations, etc) and friends, and was encouraged to start doing it for payment so I created a website. I received a phone call from a wedding planner in Houston who would like to use my services. I'm really excited, because this could open up more business for me in the future if she and the bride are happy with my work!

Item Two: Eleven years ago this weekend, I was at the Strawberry Festival in Louisiana with my cousin (and maid of honor) Courtney. It was the weekend before my wedding, and my mom couldn't believe that I left Houston (and last minute planning) to go home and play! Looking back, she was right, but I had such a good time with Courtney. Every year about this time, I think about that weekend and all the happy memories that go with it.

Item Three: I miss Trevor, but I have hope that he will be able to come home a week early from his trip to China. He told me it was a possibility, and I'm praying that things go well so he can come home to us. I'm obviously not telling the kids, but it would be such a nice surprise.

Item Four: I think I might have to put a hot poker in my eye if I see or hear Alvin and the Chipmunks one more time! I rented it for the kids the other day, and it has played nonstop since then. What is it with kids and the need to watch a new movie 48 times in a row?? I'm not a big fan of the chipmunks to begin with...even as a child I found them to be highly annoying, and don't even get me started on the singing.

Item Five: I haven't cooked a proper meal since Trevor left. We have lived off of pizza, chicken nuggets and Mexican food. And let's not forget these and these. Don't worry, the kids are getting their exercise at the McDonalds playland. Unfortunately, my metabolism isn't that of a hummingbird like my children, and I think I've gained about 14 pounds in the last week.

So, there are my random items for the week. And just in case you thought I was lying about the exercise, here are shots of the kids at the park and playing on the Slip n Slide in the backyard.


Rhonda said...

Congratulations on the calligraphy contract - that is very exciting!!

Karen said...

The calligraphy website is beautiful and looks so professional. I love the scrapbooks! I don't know of anyone having babies in the near future, but will definitely keep the idea in mind.

luvmy4sons said...

Oh to have so much energy. Hope Trevor makes it home early!

The Young's said...

I LOVE your random thoughts!! Your calligraphy business sounds SO awesome!!! I am praying that Trevor comes home early too. I CANNOT imagine being without Mark for that long!! Bless your heart!!! Hang in won't be long!!

I am SO far behind in reading posts. Please forgive me for not commenting on your others....I've read them...I am just so far behind it would take me forever to catch up!! :) Hope you guys have a Great week!!!

Mocha with Linda said...

Love your potpourri of catching up!

1. The calligraphy site is great! Don't know how you find time to do that!

2. What a neat memory. Glad you had a fun time with Courtney.

3. I hope it works out for Trevor to come home early. I know that would be a treat for all of you!! I know he's loving seeing the pics and videos on the blog.

4. This made me laugh. I don't get why stuff doesn't drive the kids bonkers like it does us. And you don't like Alvin on the "Christmas, Christmas time is here, Time for joy, time for cheer" song?! (Is that enough to drive you nuts?!)

5. I'm right there with you on the cooking (or lack thereof) when dad's gone. That's what Chick-fil-A frozen stuff is for. And at least your strawberries were healthy!

The pics are darling, but just like the repetitive video, I've never understood why kids like to throw themselves down on those slip 'n' slides!!

Mocha with Linda said...

I left out an important "and" - Chick-fil-A AND frozen stuff. They aren't in the grocery store yet. (drat!)

Anonymous said...

Xan, just wanted to say hello and let you know that I do read your blogs when I get a chance. :) Enjoyed it!

Anonymous said...

Oops, forgot to put my name on that comment :() Ali

Alana said...

Oh, don't even get me started on A and the Chips. If my oldest gets wind of that song, it is ALL WE HEAR for weeks! Aacck!

Hope Trevor gets to come home early! Sure wished we lived closer so I'd have an excuse to join you at McDonalds and try some of your beignets and strawberries!

Anonymous said...

Random thoughts is a great way to blog - I might just give it a try.

So, if around the 13th April was the weekend before your wedding what date did you get married on? Just curious, cos we got married on the 21st April...

Oh yeah, I too don't cook proper meals when it's just me and the kids.

Haven't watched Alvin & Chipmunks - don't plan on it anytime kids don't even know it exists at this stage...well I think they don't know, one's in school now so she's got another source of information in her life other than mummy! :)