Sunday, November 18, 2007

Would You Like Some Cheese With That Whine?

Has it really been an entire week since I posted? Wow. Time just flies when you're stressed out and have a million things on your plate. Wait....that's not right. Isn't it something about having fun?

As I sit here typing, there is a turkey roasting in the oven and 10 pounds of potatoes waiting to be peeled, cooked and mashed for the church-wide Thanksgiving dinner tonight. I've just had one of those weeks where I couldn't seem to catch my breath. We had revival Sunday through Wednesday night, and that was a challenge in itself with bedtimes and homework, and Nathan seemed to have about 32 Thanksgiving/ Pilgrim/Indian themed projects all due last week or tomorrow.

We are trying to get the house in shape for Christmas house guests (which takes up every spare minute on Saturday) and then we had a birthday party last night. Don't get me started on the way my children behaved there! Suffice it to say that we left early.

Then there was Sunday School to teach this morning, and children's church to prepare and lead. After that, we went out to lunch with the dear friends that we ditched last night because of the kids. But not before I ran home, took the turkey out of the brining solution, stuffed the cavity with onions and apples and threw the bird in the oven. I met them at the restaurant and had a lovely mid-day meal of nachos.

Whew! Are you tired of hearing the whining, because frankly, I'm tired of being the whiner. It's a new week starting tomorrow, and guess what? In spite of the craziness, it all got done last week! I also have Thursday to look forward to not going to work and having a great day with Trevor's family.

So today I'm thankful that the whining is over and that I have a whole new week to find things to (whine) be thankful about!

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Heather C said...

Ok. Stop. Just stop. Breathe in (deeply). Exhale. Now repeat. :)

Whew! You're making me exhausted just reading about your week!

Here ya go... easy posting. Join a meme... tag, you're it! Check out the details over at my place. :)

Love you!