Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Challies.com Giveaway

I love these giveaways at Challies.com! If you want to throw your hat into the ring, click here:

November Giveaway

I'm not really much of a book on tape/cd kind of girl (I prefer good old-fashioned books), but I know someone who would love these so I'm entering on her behalf. Or maybe I'll just donate them to our church library...who knows? I feel like I do when I daydream about being left a fortune and I have all of it spent or given away before I come to my senses and realize that it was just a happy thought! Strangely enough, I tend to feel a little let down after one of these episodes as if I lost something! How bizarre is that?

Anyhoo, click away and at least I might have the joy of knowing one of my blogosphere friends won instead of a complete stranger!

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