Sunday, November 18, 2007

Meme Time

I've been tagged by Heather to take part in a meme to share 7 random and/or weird facts about myself.

Okee-dokee then, here we go....

1. I am totally with Heather on this one....I do not share drinks with people. Period. It's nasty and gross and there is no way to gauge the ratio of their backwash to actual beverage, so it's not worth the gamble. I also don't share ice cream products (malts, shakes, cones, etc) with anyone. If it's possible, that's even grosser than sharing a drink.

2. My thumbs are claustrophobic. If you want to send me into hysterics, just grab my thumbs and hold them. My husband discovered this when we were in, oh, junior high, and he has used it many times over the last 22 years to terrorize me. I protect my thumbs at all costs, and often wake up with them tucked safely in my fists as though some thumb grabbing fiend were lurking nearby as I slept.

3. Hot breath really grosses me out. Like the kind when someone whispers in your ear and leaves it slightly wet because of their breath. Ewww. Let me say it again. Ewww. I don't even like for my husband to breathe on me unless (how to put this delicately?) I am otherwise distracted. So if you meet me in person and desperately need to tell me a secret in public and you don't want anyone else to hear....write it on a napkin or something.

4. I will pick up roaches, snakes, lizards and all manner of bugs and reptiles, but I am reduced to a emotional state of a slasher flick victim if a spider gets within 25 feet of my person. Seriously guys....I've had my 6 year old kill spiders for me. How sad is that?

5. I have to put my own groceries on the conveyor belt at the grocery store (I've run off overly helpful employees before). It's important that all the boxes go together, all the dairy, all the cans, etc. I's a sickness, but I can't help it.

6. If I make a mistake in my journal, I have to tear out the entire page and start over. I can't stand to have mistakes and scribbles all over the place.

7. I love to mow the grass. There is something deeply satisfying about the swath of fresh cut grass trailing behind me, ever widening as I make my way around the yard. I love the smell of the grass, and I love the way it looks as the sun is going down and the kids are out playing in the backyard.


Until I wrote them all down in one place, I didn't realize how neurotic I am. My poor, poor husband! Anyway, as per the instructions I am tagging 7 other people and the lucky winners are: Debra, Kellye, Karen, Kate, Leah, Faraja, and Lisa. If they still want to be friends with my neurotic self, that is.


Alana said...

Okay, now my thumbs are feeling claustrophic. Can this be catching. Ack!

Patrick said...

I think you should also have mentioned your irrational (and longstanding) fear of alligators. --Xandra's Big Brother

Leah in Iowa said...

How funny to read your neurotic list! =) I would love to take part in this Meme - maybe next week though. Thanks for including me!

Xandra said...

Well, not so much anymore, but when I was five I got it into my head that alligators hatched out of the leathery husks that surround an unripened pecan. We live in the south, folks, and they were all over the yard of my daycare center. I refused to make the entire circuit around the house on my Big Wheels, because I just knew that a baby alligator was going to hatch out of one of those pod things lying on the ground under the trees! Leave it to my big brother to bring up such a traumatic memory. LOL!

Crystal said...

Love the list! I too am one of 'those people' who has to sort her groceries as she places them on the conveyor belt. My husband doesn't even bother to help me anymore because I am so anal about it. :)

Anonymous said...

Loved it!! :) I will get around to doing this meme...hopefully before the year is out. I'm in a bit of a blogging funk right now *sigh*

And I read your 100 things too - I feel I know so much more about you...the thought of doing 100 things myself was a little daunting so I still haven't done it - maybe when I reach my 1000th post (in like 10yrs time) *lol*