Thursday, May 24, 2007

Shocking News

Trevor called this morning to inform me that he was not going to China until June 1.


While I am glad to postpone his departure for a few more days, I wish that it was pushed back by another week so he could be here for Gracie's 3rd birthday. We are having her party on June 2, and I hate to see him miss a milestone in her life. The bright side is that Gracie will not remember his absence and she will be so busy with all of her little friends that the day will not be marred for her.

I guess what bothers me about the whole situation is that we will not be sharing the day together. We were both there the day she was born, and to think of him half a world away on the anniversary of that day is a little depressing. Maybe things will change (again) and he won't have to leave until the following Friday.

Speaking of being bothered (don't's not a rant this time!), the director of the Cancer Center where I work was fired yesterday. She is one of the most competent, respected members of management here and we were all shocked and appalled at the news. I've mentioned the take over by Memorial Hermann before, and this is just another chapter in the saga that is our reality these days. People are being fired, reassigned, moved and generally tossed around as the giant gears of the mega-hospital system unyieldingly turn. We will all be glad when the merger is final and the dust finally settles so that we can stop living with that small knot in our stomachs wondering if we are next.

After all, if they got rid of Marilyn, then no one is indispensable. Scary thought.

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