Saturday, May 5, 2007

Feeling Better

I am feeling so much better today. Still a bit weak, but well enough to handle the kids and do some basic housework. Last night,Kellye offered to heat up a can of chicken noodle soup for me, but I figured I had enough strength to open the pantry and prepare a can for myself!

I ran out to the store this morning for some basics (we run through milk faster than a calf!) and for a few easy to prepare meals for today. Nathan and Grace decided on frozen dinners and I bought some tuna fish for myself. We also stopped for a couple of never before seen kid-friendly movies to keep the offspring occupied later. Once I got home, I was feeling so well that I made a heavenly hash cake to have for dessert. After the flurry of cooking and light cleaning, I was exhausted.

When the kids went down for naps, so did I. I love the fact that Nathan and Grace both still love to take long naps....usually no less than 2 hours. When I'm well this gives me time to take care of things without being bothered every 20 seconds, and when I'm sick it gives me a chance to sleep.

Ali called me to see how I was doing and for some recipe information. She offered to bring over some chicken spaghetti later this afternoon and I gladly accepted. The nap didn't really take the edge off my exhaustion the way I had hoped, so the idea of supper being provided was something I couldn't pass up! Can I just say again how wonderful it is to have friends?

I had bought all of the materials I needed to make the Memorial Day wreaths for Gramps' and Uncle Tellius' graves last week, and so I thought it would be a good project to start on since it didn't require any standing. I finished the first one, but even that little bit of effort made me tired so I decided to hang it up for the day. I intend to do as little as possible for the rest of the afternoon with the hope that I will be feeling like myself tomorrow.

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