Thursday, May 17, 2007

Fun at Work

It's been a slow day at work. I had very little to do this morning, and once those duties were complete I basically hung out at the machine watching the other girls work. Sam and Kasi are attending weddings in the near future and are on the lookout for a new dress to wear, so we decided to go to the mall at lunch to critique their choices.

We left the hospital at 11:15 am and went directly to Macy's and began perusing the summer dress selection. I really like the style this summer with tailored bodices and full skirts. Anyway, Kasi found several dresses to try on and looked great in all of them, but we helped her pick out two. I never actually saw Sam in a dress because I was too busy trying on a few of my own that unfortunately did not fit well.

While Kasi was getting dressed, I went back out into the store to find Mary to let her know that we were almost finished. I scanned the dress section and as I looked across the aisle, I saw her trying to sneak around the corner to look at the shoes on the sale rack. "Mary!" I hissed. "Get back over here!" Mary is a self-confessed shoe-aholic and earlier I had to hold her hand as we walked past the shoe section to keep her from stopping. She whipped around with a startled look on her face but then started laughing when she realized that she was busted. Kasi decided on a dress, but after a confrontation with a rude salesperson ended up not purchasing anything but put the dress on hold for 24 hours.

We moved on to lunch at Casa Ole' and had a good visit over chimichangas, enchiladas, fajitas and burritos....God bless Texas! Kasi was convinced that our waiter was gay, but I think he was just an exceptionally nerdy guy. He seemed like the type of guy who got picked on in PE and who was probably teased by the other male waiters at the restaurant.

After lunch we meandered through the mall, briefly stopping in a few stores all the while knowing that we really needed to get back to work but not wanting to. We had to leave the mall through Macy's and as we passed the cosmetics counters I realized that Clinique was having their "bonus days" sale. I stopped and purchased some face powder (the one I am currently using was purchased about 7 years ago) and a tube of my favorite lipstick. I started using Clinique lipstick in college after I met Ronna...I always get Pink Chocolate and I always think of her when I wear it!

We stopped and looked at the purses on the way out, but knew that we really needed to get back to work. We commented on the way back how much fun it was to hang out and to do things together. It's nice working with people whose company you enjoy outside of the job and that increase your pleasure at work instead of your stress level.

When we finally arrived back at the hospital, we went directly to the bathroom to try on the new makeup. I put on some of Kasi's black cream eyeliner on one eye, only to discover that it doesn't come off without makeup remover! The liner was so dark that I didn't want to put it on the other eye, so now I have one eye with smudged, wiped eyeliner and one without! At least I am going straight home after work today.

Thank you God. Thank you for blessing me with friends at work. Thank you for providing a workplace full of happiness and joy, and the occasional girl's lunch out.

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