Saturday, February 7, 2009

Fresh Air

Today is a beautiful day. It's cool, clear and breezy. I have all the doors and windows thrown open to welcome the outside in, and I'm basking in the beams of sunlight that make their way over to my chair.

Trevor and I went on a date last night to celebrate his birthday. He wanted to see the movie "Taken", and we both enjoyed it. The premise is that an ex-CIA spook's daughter is kidnapped by a prostitution ring, and he has 96 hours to find her. As a mother, I was emotionally connected to the mom and was empathetic to her anguish at receiving that kind of news. Trevor, on the other hand, came out of the movie feeling a little angry because it made him think of Grace and how he would handle things if someone took her. I had to laugh once again at how the differences in men and women are shown on a daily basis.

It's not that I wouldn't be angry if someone took my child. I have a mother bear instinct that I have to stifle on a regular basis. It's just that our take on the exact same movie was different, and I like different. I like it that God created us to see things differently and to compliment one another. He saw the movie from a "protector" point of view, which is what he is to our family. He is our first line of defense against people and things that would harm us. I, on the other hand, saw the movie from a "nurturer" point of view. All I could think of was how the daughter was feeling and the sense of loss at the separation. I wanted to make it better emotionally...he wanted to make it better physically.

I'm so glad that I'm married to a man with whom I can have conversations of substance. We love to joke and play, but I love having and being a sounding board. He is the first person I think of when I have good news or bad news. He's the one I want to share my deepest secrets with and know that he will never betray me. There is such joy in being married to my soul-mate, and it's impossible to imagine my life without him.
See. He just walked through the front door, and my heart jumped, and not because I am easily startled, thank you very much. HE does that to me. Just the sight of him or the sound of his voice still gives me butterflies. I love that man! Twelve years and praying for many, many more.
I know those last two paragraphs were way off topic...actually, I can't remember what the topic was to begin with. This is why I don't write for a major publication and why editors are not knocking down my door, begging me to write for them. I can't even stick to one topic per post.
I think it's all the fresh air.


Mel said...

Ok I need to see the movie I can tell!! It is right up my alley...

What an amazing testiment to marriage what you wrote is!!! I got mushy reading it.

Mocha with Linda said...

This made me smile!

And I can see us having the same reactions the two of you did! My husband is like a rabid animal when it comes to protecting our kids!

beyond this moment said...

You are truly blessed in your marriage!

Buffi said...

Our weather here has been SO beautiful too!!! I LOVE IT!!!! I don't think I've heard of that movie. Mark and I are going to see "New in Town" on Valentines Day! We're romantic comedy fans!! Even my hubby is and I LOVE THAT TOO!!! Enjoy your weekend!

Anonymous said...

Such a sweet post.
your marriage seems to be a truly blessed one.

luvmy4sons said...

Men and women are so very different aren't they...and together we fil in each other's gaps! Lovely post! I am envious of your weather!

Leah in Iowa said...

It was warm in MN this weekend, too! Saturday morning after my shower I was SO HOT that I opened the window while I was getting ready. The 35-degree breeze was exhilirating and cooled me right off! =)

Glad you had fun with your date Friday night!

Karen said...

You're both so blessed to have each other. I love that you are so open about how much you adore him!