Saturday, September 27, 2008

The Changing of a Heart

I'm sitting out on my porch this morning, sipping my cream and sugar filled coffee, as I gently swing and enjoy the tangy smell of burning leaves in the air. It's 65, and mornings this cool don't usually come until a little later in the fall for us, so I decided to enjoy it while it's here. I'm fairly certain that the humidity and temperature will rise again before we settle into our autumn averages.

Just like the change in weather, an amazing change has come over Nathan in recent weeks. He is actively putting others before himself. He told me just the other day that he was going to try and go all day without sinning, which led to a great conversation about the whole point of Christ's death. With each passing day, question and discussion I feel that he is being pulled closer and closer to God. I think that his behavior, his curiosity and his change in heart are all indicators that he desires a relationship with Christ.

We have discussed salvation many times in the course of our conversations, and he understands the concept. He knows the steps and the reasons behind our need for being saved. Seeing his interest in all things eternal blesses me beyond measure, because I know that he is being prayed over by myself and my family for early salvation. It is one of my deepest desires, but I also know that if it's not real, it's pointless. I want to be sure he's equipped with the knowledge he needs so that his decision is not a wholly emotional one.

I covet your prayers in this area, my friends. I ask you to pray that I will be ready with the right words when he comes to me with questions, and that he will be receptive to the calling of Christ and respond in a genuine, life-changing way. I never knew that salvation could be so scary. I've taught the gospel in classes and Sunday School rooms for a long time. I have shared the plan of salvation with many people over the course of my life, but it seems so much more important this time. Others that I might have touched were put in my path for a reason, and I was used by God to show them exactly what He intended, and I praise Him for that.

But my children? They were given to me. Given to me to nurture, protect, discipline and love. Given to me with the expectation and command that I would raise them according to the gospel and show those very same tenets by example. It's scary, and I want to do it right. So here's my question for everyone, no matter which season you are in with your kids. How did you know your child was ready to make a decision? If you have children who have not, how are you preparing them?


luvmy4sons said...

I am sure God will give you the right words when the time comes. It is an exciting time to see them seeking. I remember all of the moments when mine told me they asked Jesus into their hearts and then later when they asked to be baptized. Now, I am seeing them learning, and at times struggling,to incorporate their faith into a living faith in their lives and choices...God is faithful.

Andrea said...

I think about my daughters' salvation a lot these day. What a neat experience to watch him yearn to be a good person and to not sin all day. how sweet.

Crystal said...

I will be praying for Nathan (you and Trevor too!)! How exciting for you to be able to see God drawing him! Trust God to do the work in his heart, He is faithful!

Kelly said...

I will be parying for you both! My husband and I used "I Believe in Jesus: Leading your Child to Christ" by John MacArthur as a frame work for discussion with our children.

Alana said...

I think discipling my kids is one of the most daunting tasks I've ever had! Richie is in a similar place and sometimes I feel like I'm failing big time. It's exciting, though, to see God working on their hearts, isn't it?