Sunday, September 14, 2008

And We Thought We Had a Mess to Clean Up!

Trevor's parents came over today for lunch. His mom called to say that they were tired and could really use a hot meal. Since we are the only ones in the family with a gas stove, we were happy to oblige. We grilled chicken, made mashed potatoes, beans and served leftover jambalaya on the side. When they got here, we were almost ready to eat.

His mom got a phone call from his aunt, and went outside to take it. The next thing I knew, they had left without eating or saying goodbye. Trevor said that his mom and dad had been borrowing his uncle's generator (theirs had broken), and that his uncle wanted it back now that they had returned to town. He said his mom was upset, and that his dad seemed really stressed.

I suggested that we bring the food out to their house, along with an ice chest full of ice and water for them. We got the kids ready, loaded the 4 wheeler onto the trailer and headed out. We live right in the middle of town, but they live out in the boonies. We had to forge several small streams to get out to where they live, and we were a bit awestruck by all the destruction from Ike.

His parents live on a 1 acre lot that is filled with trees. It is a beautiful piece of land, and they work hard to keep it looking nice. Nothing could have prepared me for the sight of their yard as we pulled into their driveway. The only reason we could get into the driveway was because they had spent all of Saturday afternoon clearing it of trees so they could get out.

I saw with sudden clarity why his mom was so upset. First the stress of the hurricane (every crack in the dark sends new rushes of adrenaline), then the devastation of the yard, and then the fact that they were without a generator. We reassured them that we would help them get the yard cleaned up and that everything was going to be fine. Trevor took a look at their generator and pronounced it dead. There was some sort of faulty part that would require me to know what I'm talking about to describe it, but suffice it to say that a call will be placed to the company.

I called my mom and dad (who just recently got power back on from Gustav) and asked if my dad would meet us halfway in Jennings, LA with his generator. He agreed immediately and not only brought his, but my grandmother's as well. Did I mention he brought 47 gallons of gas too? He did, and it was a good thing because there is no gas to be had here. So Trevor met him in Louisiana to get the generators, and we were at least able to help with that problem.

So, tomorrow we'll be heading out to their place again to try and help clear out some of the debris. We have been blessed with (atypical) weather this week, for which we are eternally grateful. After Rita, it was boiling hot in the 90's, but it's been in the mid 80's and lows in the 60's. It's even supposed to dip into the 50's tomorrow night.

Here are a few pictures of their property. The photographs don't really do it's amazing the amount of wood that is on the ground. On a positive note, we'll have plenty of free firewood this winter!!

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Mocha with Linda said...

Oh my, what a mess. It's staggering to look at all the pics from down there.

And I just had our police teletype info to the Houston police so they could go check on my sister and let her know about our mom. I still haven't been able to get in touch with her.

Andrea said...

Xandra...I just can't imagine. I'm so thankful you are all safe and had minimal damage.

luvmy4sons said...

Okay we dealt with 50-70 miles an hour winds for about 12 hours...and we have trees down, large branches and were out of power for about 12 hours...I can't imgaine. God bless you all. Praying for you.

Heather C said...

Ugh... praying for y'all as you clean up... especially you MIL. My heart goes out to her right now. Could you email me her mailing address (or her church's if you're not comfortable sharing that info - that's fine)? I'd like to send her a card to let her know I'm praying for them.


Jill said...

Thanks for sending out the pics of your life and your families. You know reading your story of how your dad drove and helped took me back to old testament times when a daughter left to become part of another tribe, but there were always ties back to her people. I love it. Blessings to your family. We are so glad our friends from Texas are good. WE pray for you all each night, the girls have their pink hats out and it makes them think of Texas and pray for the people. I am so glad we met. What is on Gracie's finger?

Alana said...

I just can't imagine. May God grant you guys peace and strength in the aftermath...

The Small Scribbler said...

So glad that your family has been able to be there for Trevor's family. Hope the cleanup goes quickly. That's A LOT of firewood.


Carol said...

Wow. I'm so sorry. You are such a sweet person to have taken the dinner to them and not gotten upset. And what wonderful parents you have! It is obvious where that sweet spirit came from. I'll be praying for your family.