Monday, September 17, 2007


I was watching television this evening and saw the first previews for the fall season premiers. I have two words for you....

Grey's Anatomy.

My heart jumped into my throat at the thought of reuniting with the staff at Seattle Grace for another season. So many questions many new plots to follow. Then, like a ice cube down the back of my shirt, I remembered. I remembered that I vowed to never, ever watch Grey's Anatomy again.


I was suddenly and briefly disappointed. Then I felt vaguely ashamed that a mere 5 weeks after my oath to stop watching a program that was in no way edifying, my resolve was already beginning to weaken. How sad is that?

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faraja said...

Ouch! You've convicted me and I now have to confess. I decided to cut Law & Order SVU out of my life cos really how many awful ways to murder or hurt another human being do I need to witness - not really the best entertainment I could choose for myself - the show messes with my emotions and mind...but then last night I found myself watching Australian Idol and then after it guess what was I kept watching, and all along I'm thinking "just turn the TV off!!" but no...I watched to the end and it wasn't a nice storyline and I didn't need it in my head and yes it messed with me big time! I've had a rotten day today and I wonder if the two are connected (cos I missed my devotions this morning from sleeping in cos I stayed up watching TV) ARRRG! My one consolation (very small as it is) is that my husband was my partner in crime. But we've both agreed to be more diligent in our resolve to not watch rubbish.

At least you were just at the thought stage - hang in there Xandra, you can keep your resolve :)