Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Esther Bible Study

"Hallelujah, Jesus"

"Hallelujah, Jesus"

If you had been at Houston's FBC around 7 pm last night, this is the song you would have heard being sung by over 3,000 women. It was one of the most beautiful things I have ever witnessed. I imagined the chorus being echoed back in heaven by the angels surrounding the throne of grace. The Holy Spirit descended and settled on each and every one of us to prepare our hearts and minds for worship and study with Beth Moore.

I was sitting next to Debra, who (as she told her husband), was my blind internet date for the evening. I stumbled across her blog last week, and realized that she lived in the Houston area too and was attending the Tuesday night Esther study. I got in touch with her, and we decided to meet for an early dinner and get to know each other in person.

We sat in line (you would not believe the lines to get into the study) and ate our boxed lunches and chatted. I enjoyed our visit and it was nice to sit next to someone that I knew, because Beth frequently makes us say things to the person next to us. I am not particularly outgoing, and this is usually cause for extreme discomfort for me, but not last night. I had someone to talk to and laugh with during the study, and it was wonderful.

Debra also scored some awesome seats for us! She may be little, but she is quick. I got hung up for a few seconds while the doors were being opened but she slipped through a gap in the crowd and saved me a seat right up front! I normally sit up in the balcony area, because I don't have to fight the crowd to get a seat, and I typically have my choice of where to sit. I think it's funny to watch from above the swarm of women vying for a front row seat. Some people get there hours and hours before the doors open ensure that they get the seat they want.

Now that I have had the opportunity to sit in the front and get up close and personal with Beth, I might be willing to fight the sense of claustrophobia that envelops me when I am in a pressing crowd. And let me tell you, these women are so focused on that "seat" that personal space ceases to exist in the stampede for the prize! I don't mean to say that they are rude or pushy, but it is clear that they are ready to bolt as soon as the doors open.

So, we'll see what happens next week. Maybe I'll try for a front seat again, maybe I'll just sit up in the balcony and observe the chaos. Either way, I will be blessed just by being there.

"Hallelujah, Jesus"


Alana said...

SO cool that you were able to meet Debra!!

Debra said...


it was so good to sit by you. it was much easier to say all those "i look cute", "you look cute" stuff.

you never thought you would desire to hang out in "the line" again...did you?

The Small Scribbler said...

How neat to make a connection with a fellow blogger.

It's funny about the front row stuff. I wonder why that matters. (I'm still jealous you get to see Beth Moore in person no matter which row you're in.)


Joyce said...

She what will happen when someone likes to sit up front. I am like you and will sit as far back as I can get. I am the lady you were asking about the Bible study on Moses. I am a few lessons behind you and had got lesson 9 up. Keep up the good work on sitting up front.