Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Random Pics

This is how Nathan and Trevor would spend most evenings if I would let them!

Gracie was so proud of this drawing...she asked me to take a picture of her!

I love, love, love, this picture of Gracie at the piano. She has a gift for music and I can't wait to see it develop as she gets older. She can match any pitch and she sings spot on.

I did say that these pictures were random. This one was from the 4th of July when we were in Louisiana. Gracie came to the dinner table with chocolate on her hand and she said, "I made a hole!" A hand shaped hole in the sheet cake, that is!

This was taken one Sunday morning before church. Gracie loves this dress and wants to spin around every time that she wears it.

I love catching the kids sitting with Trevor when I have the camera close by. He's actually asleep.


Susanne said...

Hi there!! Just wanted to let you know that it's PARTY TIME over at my blog!! Swing by and check it out!!!

Karen said...

You have a beautiful family. I love the picture of Gracie at the piano, too! and the handprint in the brownies! Too funny:)

Melissa @ Breath of Life said...

Cute pics.

I was just reading your post about getting rid of the garbage. In June, I was convicted about 2 shows I watch. It was easy to think about giving them up then, because the season was over. Now that the fall is approaching, I'm finding myself tempted to go back to watching them.

Thanks for visiting me!

Anonymous said...

Love the photos - nice to have a glimpse of your beautiful family :)