Thursday, August 23, 2007

Book Meme

I want to blog all about my vacation, but we have Meet the Teacher night for Nathan later this evening and we just got home from our trip. I saw this meme on Karen's blog and thought it would be fun to participate. If you want to do it, send me a link so I can read your responses!

What are you reading right now? The Weight of Water by Anita Shreve, Elizabeth I by Jasper Ridley and (always) my Bible, specifically the book of Ephesians. I usually have 2-3 books going at one at work, one by the bed and one in the living room.

Do you have any idea what you’ll read when you’re done with that? I have an entire stack of books that I bought at a recent garage sale for 25 cents-$1 apiece....everything from Steinbeck to Anna Quindlin. I still haven't decided where to start!

What magazines do you have in your bathroom right now? Consumer Reports, Popular Mechanics (can you guess who does most of the reading in our bathroom?)

What’s the worst thing you were ever forced to read? A Tale of Two Cities....the one and only book that I ever purchased Cliff Notes for.

What’s the one book you always recommend to just about everyone? If it's a woman, The Southern Belle Primer (one of the funniest books I've ever read), but I would recommend the Harry Potter series to anyone. What I recommend really depends on the person I'm talking to. I enjoy a huge range of authors and genres and it's hard to pick one book or series that is my favorite.

Admit it, the librarians at your library know you on a first name basis, don’t they? Nope. I'm more of a book buyer. I like to keep my books and take them down from time to time and revisit their pages. They are like old friends. If there is a book that I don't want to keep, I sell it at the used bookstore so I can buy more books!

Is there a book you absolutely love, but for some reason, people never think it sounds interesting, or maybe they read it and don’t like it at all? I have a collection of about 30 books concerning Elizabeth I of England. I have mostly non-fiction books, but a fair amount of historical fiction as well. Most people get this glazed over look when I mention any of those books as interesting or fun reading.

Do you read books while doing other things? Let's see....while I'm eating, watching TV, cooking, bathing, and attending boring meetings at work. When I was in school, I would hide my current novel behind my textbook so that I could read all day. I remember being in 8th grade and reading The Grapes of Wrath 2 straight days at school, hiding it so that I could read non-stop.

When you were little, did other children tease you about your reading habits? Not until I went to college and my roommate saw me on my bed with a book, and asked me what class I was reading for. I'll never forget the incredulous look she gave me when she learned that I was reading for pleasure....a totally foreign concept for her! From then on she always made snide comments about my being a bookworm, etc. I hope she wasn't trying to insult me, because I took it as a compliment!

What’s the last thing you stayed up half the night reading because it was so good you couldn’t put it down? Well, it wasn't half the night, but I read the last installment in the Harry Potter series in one day. I went and bought the book Saturday morning, and finished it around 6 pm that night. My husband took care of the kids that day and I curled up in my armchair and read to my heart's content! (This is my idea of a great vacation, oh by the way)

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Karen said...

I'm with you on buying books. If I love the book, I want to have it on my shelves. And I worry that if I check a book out from the library, what if I love it? Then I have to buy it. And I'll have it on my shelves, but it won't be the one I carried with me and read and wore out just a bit.

Weird. Glad I'm in good company, though:)