Saturday, November 13, 2010

I'm Giving Thanks...for Prayer

This morning I attended a baby shower for my sweet friend Erica.  She is due in just weeks, and it was a sweet time of fellowship as we showered her with gifts and well wishes for the baby boy she is still nurturing in her body.  After the gifts were opened and plates were full of good things to eat, our friend Maggie explained that it was Erica's desire that we have a time of prayer for the new baby and for her family.  I've been to several baby showers where we had a short devotional about motherhood, the blessing of children and the design of the core family unit.  I think the devotionals add a sense of worship to the gathering of friends and family, as well as blessing the mother-to-be.

But this time of prayer?  Wow.  It was amazing.  Maggie began the prayer, each person prayed if they felt led to do so, and then Maggie closed it at the end.  They began as prayers of thanksgiving for Erica and her family, and petitions for a safe birth and strength for the coming days.  But as each woman added her prayer to the to growing stream of vertical worship, they expanded to include early salvation for our children, repentance for those children who have gone astray and pleas that we would be an encouragement to one another.  As I sat there, I felt enveloped by love and a joy that can only come from people of God praying for each other.

So today I am thankful for prayer.  Not just the prayers I utter to God when I am alone, but for the prayers that are said for me when I am completely unaware.  The intercession made on my behalf by people who love me and love Christ is one of the greatest gifts that God gives His people.  Who have you prayed for lately?

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