Wednesday, November 10, 2010

I'm Giving Thanks...for Amazon

I am not by nature a person that enjoys crowds, which by extension means that I do not like to shop during the holidays.  The stores are overcrowded and hot, people are constantly in my personal space (which, by the way, increases to a circumference roughly the size of a hula hoop when I leave the house), and then I have to haul all the stuff I bought home.

Enter Amazon online shopping.  I started shopping this way several years ago and found it to be a very satisfactory solution to my crowd hating issue.  Friends and family made wish lists there, and I was able to purchase the perfect gift without ever leaving the comfort of my armchair.  I would watch for free shipping specials, and deals that provided guilt-free buying for Christmas.  The very best part of the whole arrangement was that each and every item was shipped directly to my front door, or to the front door of the recipient.

Holiday shopping has become so easy that I am generally done by the time the first of December rolls around.  There are always a few items that I shop for the old-fashioned way, but by and large I do it all online.  The beauty of early shopping is that I don't spend all of December worrying and stressing over my shopping list and how I'm going to find time to go out and get it all done.  I can actually enjoy the Christmas season, and savor all the moments with family and friends.  I also have more time to bake, which is always important this time of year.

So today, I am thankful for Amazon and online shopping.