Thursday, March 6, 2008

My Favorite Things?

Don't you just love the little things the kids make in Sunday School to bring home? It's amazing what a 3 year old can do with some paste, construction paper and scissors in just one hour. We like to hang them on their bedroom doors for display. Until this Sunday.

This Sunday, I received a single sheet of orange construction paper. On it was written a list of my favorite things according to Grace. There was also a list of Trevor's favorite things, but this isn't his blog, so I won't list them here. The following is the list dictated by Ms. Crystal:

Mommy's favorite:

Color: red (actually it's blue)
TV show: Lilo and Stitch (huh?)
Food: Spaghetti (not even in the top 10)
Thing to do:

(I think I might need a drum roll or something....)

Spank me.

Yes, you read that correctly. Apparently my 3 year old thinks my favorite thing to do is spank her. This, of course, comes on the heels of a week that was heavy on the discipline but it didn't lessen the blow one bit. I was crushed to think that the first thing my baby thinks of in terms of activities I find enjoyable, is spanking her.

Needless to say, Trevor has been the primary disciplinarian this week. Maybe I can work my way up in her eyes to playing with her or snuggling with her as my favorite things by this Sunday.


Mocha with Linda said...

So much for "this hurts me more than it hurts you", huh?! Kids never do believe that.

Bless your heart. It's no fun to be the "mean" mom. The daggers they can pierce our hearts with!!But I know you're doing a great job and you'll have a happier child in the long run than if you let her run amok and try to be her pal.

luvmy4sons said...

Oh, big hug! Parenting truly isn't for cowards. I ogten tell my children that I make decisions they will thank me gor when they are thirty. I doubt a three year old would understand that. Their world is so limited. I so remember feeling like we were stuck in negative cycles when they wee that age! It sounds like you are being a diligent, faithful and wonderful mom. Another big hug!

Rhonda said...

Ahhhh. You poor thing.

Your daughter will find security in knowing what her boundaries are.

Parenting is not easy - but oh, so rewarding.

I'm sure there was just as much snuggling and playing happening during 'discipline week'.

Andrea said...

oh, O-U-C-H!! i can only imagine how that must've felt. i hope her impression of you has changed and that you have found many opportunites to show her what your REAL favorite things to do are.

Karen said...

Too funny! My kids came up with some real doozies when they did those questionaires. But they also would tell me things about their pre-school teachers (that were obviously a bit skewed). I figure those teachers have heard it all.

Alana said...

I'm chuckling, sorry, but it is kinda funny.

I hope the list turns about better for you this week ;-)