Saturday, March 29, 2008

Adding Insult to Injury

I've already complained about the camera debacle yesterday. I'm coming to grips with it today, and just keep telling myself that Nathan won't care in 15 years if he had pictures of his 7th birthday party. I don't have pictures of any of my birthdays, but I remember them. Can I just say that he had a really cool cake, and that I rocked with the homemade goodie bags? I would prove it with pictures, but unfortunately, unseen forces are working against me. Trust me.

Nathan invited 3 friends over to spend the night for his birthday. Two of them had somewhere to be early this morning, so they came at 5pm for dinner, cake and presents, and then were picked up around 8:30 to go home. Nathan's friend Kaben stayed the night with us.

They had big plans to sleep outside in a tent, and stay up late playing with Legos. Towards the end of the first leg of the party, Nathan started to complain that his stomach hurt. I chalked it up to too much sugar on his birthday, gave him a Tums and sent him back outside to play. After Travis and Zachary left, the boys went to Nathan's room to play. Not long after, Nathan came in the kitchen to ask me for something to eat.

I had noticed that he didn't eat his pizza at dinner, and barely touched his cake and ice cream, but I figured he was just excited about getting to the present opening portion of the evening. I made him a ham sandwich, and he obtained permission to take it to his bedroom. About 20 minutes later, he came bolting out of his room en route to the bathroom, where he proceeded to throw up copious amounts of...well, suffice it to say he fully emptied his stomach.

I KNOW. Poor baby...throwing up during his birthday celebration! He didn't have fever and he felt immediately better, so I used my powerful skills of deduction and figured that he must have eaten something that upset his stomach.

I may need to work on my intuition/deduction skills.

About an hour later, Nathan was once again clutching the toilet. (Sidenote: I am really glad that I cleaned the toilet before the party, because 7 year olds don't care about the fact that they are throwing up in a toilet. He was resting his head on the rim! Ack!) We had already dashed the boy's hopes of sleeping outside because of Nathan's unpredictable emesis, so imagine the weeping and wailing when we told Kaben that we had spoken to his mom and she was coming to pick him up.

I KNOW. It was so unfair. We promised to have Kaben over again soon, and Kenneth and Kellye came and got him around 11pm. You have never seen such a sad birthday boy.

I got up with Nathan two more times throughout the night, and then woke up to the sound of him in the bathroom this morning. Bless his heart...he didn't have any accidents, and made it to the bathroom every time! (We take the blessings where we can find them, amen?) I made a quick trip to the store for Sprite and Popsicles, and now we are settling in for a decidedly disappointing birthday.

Today is really his birthday, and he felt well enough to take a phone call from my mom, but refused to talk to anyone else. He's napping right now, and I hope that this is a quick, 24 hour bug so that we can do something later this afternoon or maybe tomorrow.

It's hard to believe that the 9 lb, 13 oz toddler baby I had, is seven years old! In honor of his day, here are some pictures to show how much he's grown.


luvmy4sons said...

Oh, poor guy! I love the pictures of him though. What a gorgeous kid! Such a beautiful smile! I hope he gets better soon mom. He is blessed to have such a mom as you! Happy birthday to him!

Crystal said...

Bless his little heart! I hope he feels better soon! And the favor bags are super cute too!

Alana said...

(another gutteral noise of sympathy)

I'm so sorry!!!

Mocha with Linda said...

Sweet pictures.

Guess you shouldn't have started that last post with "I think I'm going to vomit." :-)

Poor fella - rotten to feel cruddy on your birthday and miss your sleepover.

And poor mom! I feel your pain about the pictures. But rest assured that he will not be scarred for life without the pictures nor for being sick. The memories of the fun his mom made for him will be what remain in his mind and heartt.

Karen said...

We used to call my 2nd oldest the "holiday kid" because he got sick on Christmas, his birthday, you name it.

I hope Nathan is feeling better. And I'm SO SORRY about the camera having a bug too! Ugh!

Andrea said...

Oh, how SAD!!
Sorry it didn't go as planned. That can be very disappointing. Joelle was sick with tonsilitis on her 1st birthday, but at least that she will never remember. But it was hard for me!!

I hope everybody else stayed healthy and that his bug didn't last very long.

Greatfullivin said...

I am so sorry to hear Nathans birthday soured at the last. I am sure he is feeling better by now. How frustrating to have lost your moments in time, I hope you get your camera woes worked out! Have a grand day today! Hugs!