Sunday, March 16, 2008

Lazy Sunday

This has been a lazy Sunday. We went to Sunday School this morning, but then left right after instead of going to worship. I was just so tired and mentally exhausted, and I just wanted to come back home, get into my pajamas and watch TV. Horrible, I know, but I couldn't face the music (no pun intended) at our church in the funk I was in.

I'm not going to use the word hate because it's not nice, but I intensely dislike the presentation and style of music at our church. Some Sundays are better than others, but most times I have to grit my teeth through the off-pitch, I-only-know-three-chords-on-my-guitar music that I am subjected to each week. It's no secret that I prefer a more traditional music selection. I would be in my element with a piano and four part harmony to as many hymns as they would let me sing.

But even with my preference being on the traditional side of the fence, I can handle the contemporary praise music when it is done well. But our music minister sings pretty much everything just off key, and even when he plays an occasional hymn, it's so pared down musically, (not to mention that he doesn't seem to know any of the lyrics) that it's barely recognizable as the same song. For those of you out there who enjoy music as background noise or for the uplifting lyrics, this will sound like a petty rant. But to those of you who are musicians and understand how hair-raising, nails-on-the-chalkboard awful off-key and badly performed music is, I hope you will understand. It hurts my soul to hear it as I'm trying to prepare my heart and mind for receiving the word.

It's so loud that I can't even hear myself singing (and I do participate), and don't think I haven't tried to remember to JUST FOCUS ON THE LYRICS AND YOU CAN GET THROUGH THIS! I know it sounds terrible, but I would prefer to just hang around my Sunday School classroom until I'm sure the music is over and slip into the back of the church.

Anyway, I couldn't take it in the mood I was in, so we played hooky. Played hooky, and had this for lunch:

Can I say that my mood improved somewhat? That's right, it's the beginning of crawfish season and we celebrated with 10lbs of hot, spicy boiled crawfish. I wiped my hands for just long enough to snap this picture and then went right back to peeling and eating! We are having beautiful weather, the kids have been playing outside and we've been lounging around and falling asleep intermittently.

We are having family in town for Easter next week, and so I am glad that we have had a few days to relax and be together. Trevor will be leaving for China at the beginning of April, and will be there for 3 weeks this time. I will be flying to Denver to see my cousin the weekend after he gets back. We have a lot going on in the next month or so, and we needed a little break from the ordinary. It will be here soon enough tomorrow morning.


Mocha with Linda said...

I so hear you on the music! We have a great music service, although I miss the traditional hymns. Such great theology in those wonderful old songs!! But we do have quality music in what we do sing. If I didn't know better I'd thing you were on Walton's Mountain or something.

I know the Bible says make a joyful noise, but I do have a hard time with mutilated music!

I'll let you keep the crawfish. (But if that was at Pappadeaux's I'll still join you for their grilled shrimp Caesar and bread!)

Rhonda said...

So...I'm assuming that people from your church aren't on your blogroll; unlike me. :)

Worship time certainly can be divisive with congregations. I really hope that you find some peace in that area. I suggest you find lots that you enjoy for your home, car & computer.

I'll let you keep the crawfish too.

I hope the funk is gone - not fun!

The Young's said...

Xandra...I am SO there with you. I am a worship leader....and have grown up in worship ministries at church. I believe that excellence is HUGE when it comes to this. Unfortunately...excellence is relative. So...just wondering...why don't you switch churches if you dislike it so much? Are you a musician, or a singer? Offer your services!!! :) That's something that the Lord has shown me...when I see something that I cannot be part of the solution! Not sure if they're open to that at your church...but they might be!! does say "make a joyful noise"...but there are also Levites who are called to bring forth worship and I believe that is with excellence!!! I don't blame you for wanting to go home and eat crawfish!! It sounds yummy! And just need some downtime with your family someimes!!! Gotta run!! Have a great week!!

Greatfullivin said...

Hi Xandra, I am like you I want more traditional music at church. I love the old hymns that are rarely sung anymore. As for the singing off key, I think the leader should know how to sing, however, be thankful you do not have to sit next to me at church! LOL. Sometimes my "joyful noise" is just awful!LOL. Have a great week and take a little time for you!Hugs!

Andrea said...

GOOD FOR YOU for coming home to 'veg'. Sometimes it's good for us, and I don't think you need to feel guilty at all for skipping church.

Spending quality time with family is important too.

(I hear you on the music thing!)

Andrea said...

ps: I just saw your comment from mp3emp4 -- and I had the EXACT same message on my last post (word for word!), so I think it's some sort of spam. I didn't even go check out the site. I just wanted to give you the head's up on that.

luvmy4sons said...

Music can be such a key issue in a church and in your sense of worhsip. We struggled too at our last church. But God orchestrated our leaving and we are now again quite pleased. I hope you enjoy Eater weekend and your visitors! And sorry...but AAARGH to the crawfish...but then again I am a vegan! LOL!

Crystal said...

Glad you had a good Sunday afternoon after all! I can understand where you come from concerning music. My church is VERY traditional. Only hymns (except for choir specials)! Now, I love many of the old hymns but some I'm not too fond of. One comes to mind, "Jesus makes me happy" (not sure if that's the exact title) as we sang the verses and chorus I just felt like there was something wrong with the message. But that's besides the point. I just wish that our choir and music leaders had a little more enthusiasm or something! I mean let's smile when we sing about having Victory in Jesus, which is one of my favorite hymns! I wouldn't mind a few praise choruses thrown in there either.. if they were done right! :) I believe that musical worship definitly helps lead into the sermon but it's always important for me to remember that the proclamation of God's Holy Word is sufficient in and of itself!
And BTW, I've never eaten crawfish! And I'm not sure if I ever will!

Alana said...

I was a music major in college so I can definitely relate. The music at our church was like that for quite awhile, but right now we have a fabulous worship leader and the music is so wonderful. Not to brag, just to give you hope for the future!

luvmy4sons said...

Gave you an award at my place!