Thursday, January 10, 2008

I'm a Winner!

I need to start this post by saying that I never win things. At this point in my life, adding my name to a drawing is just something to do. I've never won a drawing, and to be perfectly honest, never expected to.

Until tonight.

I received an email from Virtue Alert informing me that I was a VIRTUE ALERT WINNER! and that my name was drawn from the list of people who voted on the book cover options for Vicki Courtney's new book.

I can barely remember conversations that I had last week, much less that I threw my name into the hat for a FABULOUS PRIZE back in December. So when I received the email to inform me of my good fortune, I scared my husband with the yell that I let out! What I meant to say, is that I sedately smiled at my good fortune and responded politely and quietly to the email. I was particularly excited because the prize turns out to be TWO BOOKS! That's right. Not one, but two. This is the perfect prize for the person who will read the shampoo bottle if all other reading materials in the bathroom have disappeared. Seriously, people. It's a sickness.

If you've never visited Vickie Courtney's blog, I can promise you that you will be blessed and encouraged by what she has to say. I would particularly recommend reading this and this. She is the perfect mix of humor, scripture and mercy.

So thank you Vickie Courtney! Thank you for giving me the opportunity to live the dream. Now I can confidently add my name to drawings and raffles with the knowledge that I too, can win.


Mel's World said...

Congrats! How awesome it that!!!

I keep seeing your comments and name on some of my fav blogs so I figured it was about time I came over here to meet ya!

What a beautiful blog you have! Love it!

Take Care,

Karen said...

Well, congratulations! What a great win. And thanks for the link, I'm off to take a look.

Kelly said...

Just discovered your blog and will certainly be back to visit!

Andrea said...

YAY...congratulatons!! Those look like books I should own!!

Rhonda said...

Congratulations! That is very exciting. It is so much fun to win.

I have discovered Vicki's blog through linking from yours. You're right. Her writing is great.