Friday, January 11, 2008

And I Quote...

In recent days, Gracie has started using a phrase that cracks me up every single time she says it. I'm thinking she picked it up from our sitter, who must say it when Gracie is whining or crying.

When I ask her a question to which she either:

  • Doesn't know the answer or
  • Doesn't want to answer because we're gearing up for some discipline

she replies:

I don't understand what you're saying.

I think I might start using it on a regular basis. I can think of so many applications.....

I couldn't share a Gracie story without mentioning Nathan, so here we go. We were sitting at the dinner table last night and out of nowhere he said, "It's not fair that Easter is the first holiday of the year for kids."

(translation: it's too long until the next holiday that allows me to gorge on sugar and sugar products and to receive ridiculous quantities of gifts)

Trevor turned to him and asked, "Why do we really celebrate Easter?" Nathan put his finger to his chin and said, "Because God got out of that, what is it called? Cave." I felt the conversation spiralling out of control and in an effort to slow the descent, I asked him why Jesus was in the cave to begin with. He said, "Because He died on the cross."


All is not lost! He has retained the last 3 years of teaching. Then I asked him why Jesus died on the cross and he said, "To cleanse us from the sins." I was so proud. You have to understand how far we've come in three years. When I explained why we celebrate Easter when he was 3, he paused and said:

"So let me get this straight. The Easter bunny died and then came back to life on the third day?"

It's can laugh. I almost wrecked the car when he said it.


Mocha with Linda said...

Oh that is so funny!

And you can tell he's a boy, since he thinks Easter is the first holiday. Every little girl loves Valentine's Day!

Andrea said...

So cute!
And yes, so funny that of course he forgot Valentine's Day!!

It's hard for kids to really grasp the meaning of some holidays. Glad that your son has picked up the real meaning of Easter! Good job!!

Rhonda said...

I love it!! Out of the mouth of babes...

I wish we could be as honest as our children..and get away with it. hmmm

The Young's said...

That is so funny!!! Kids just make me laugh!!!

I got your comment on our blog tonight! Thanks for checking it out!! I look forward to following your blog also!!! What a great one you have!! It is nice to "meet" you online!!! Have a blessed weekend!!!

Heather C said...

LMBO!! I love it!! :)


Anonymous said...

Precious and priceless moments! He's on a roll!

luvmy4sons said...

LOVE IT! I have a Nathan too...He is dyslexic and ADHD...I think that "I don't understand what you are saying" will work well for me in our wonderful Algebra teaching moments at home in our homeschool! LOL!

Kelly @ Love Well said...

That last comment about the Easter bunny coming back from the dead almost made me spew my coffee.

If it's any consolation, my kids are exactly the same when it comes to absorbing spiritual truth. We just have to keep reinforcing it.

Alana said...

Progress is a good thing! When Richie was about three a friend of mine took him to see Joseph and the Technicolor Dreamcoat. She said he kept asking..."Where de (the) Whale?". He thought the show was about Jonah!

Karen said...

Gracie cracks me up. Great answer!

The Small Scribbler said...

I'm laughing!


zUzU said...

=^..^= Xandra
That is too too cute.
The Easter bunny dying...giggle.

I remember a little person (at but two years old) with a little mixed up idea too ...

Before dinner, we always said grace. It was often explained that we must wait to eat until we "gave thanks." At two, about all that she could muster up was enough to sit still with folded arms. But always she offered a sweet, firm amen.

One day at church she was handed a small gift by a lovely older member. Promped to "say thank you", she immediately looked up and brightly with complete confidence smiled. And accepting the gift craddled in a pudgy little hand said: Amen.

The mouths of babes :o)
=^..^= love, zU