Saturday, August 9, 2008

Then Sings My Soul Saturday

Before the Throne of God Above

I discovered the group Selah almost 3 years ago through a friend at work. I love Christmas music and she let me borrow one of their albums. I was immediately hooked and went out and bought all of their music.

This song was on one their albums, and although the tune is relatively new (it was originally sung to the tune of Sweet Hour of Prayer), the lyrics are not. They were written in 1863 by Charitie Bancroft. I was looking for information about this hymn, and found a great post at the Orchard Keeper.

If you go there, you can find the lyrics and a beautiful breakdown of the scripture found in this song. Once you've read the post, come back and listen to the rendition by will be blessed.


Mocha with Linda said...

I absolutely ADORE this song. And Selah is probably my favorite group. I have the words to this song taped on the wall by my bathroom sink. Such wonderful reassurance of our security in Christ and His eternal priesthood on our behalf!

Hava a wonderful day, sweet friend!

Peggy said...

Xandra...absolutely aMazing!!!
Enjoy Selah so much and BEFORE the Throne of God way I hope to great to read the depth of the song as Orchard Keeper broke it all down...WOW...just like Linda
background on these great songs leaves you in such awe and inspired!

Thank you for sharing this great choice! Be blessed as you have blessed us! Such a heart of service!

Crystal said...

I love Selah!!! Nichole Sponberg (femal vocalist from Selah) has a CD out titled Ressurection that is GREAT!!!

agapesmansion said...

I absolutely love this song, it is so beautiful!

Cristine said...

I love this song and Selah... Their songs never fail to minister to me and make me just want to sit still with eyes closed and let the truth of the lyrics speak truth into my soul. Thanks for posting!



Lisa said...

We sing this song at church sometimes.....beautiful words.