Monday, November 9, 2009

AWANA Grand Prix 2009

We had such a wonderful time last night at our church's annual AWANA Grand Prix! We had never made pine wood cars before, and there were some really awesome designs at the event. After seeing all of the cars, Trevor had some really good ideas for how we can help the kids make their cars better next year.

When we first heard about the Grand Prix, we were sort of lukewarm about the whole thing. Then the kids started making and painting the cars, and I got a little more excited. When we arrived last night in the gym, I was not expecting the incredible turnout and energy in that place! It was so awesome to see the church turn out to support the kids and to just have a great time together.

Neither Nathan or Grace won any of the heats they were in, but still had a good time watching the races and gorging themselves on hot dogs, popcorn and lemonade. On the way home, we were already plotting car design and paint schemes for next year. This was just one more reason that I love our new church!


Mocha with Linda said...

Ah, the derby cars! Scouts calls it the Pinewood Derby! It can be so much fun, but we eventually got disgusted because it turned into the Dads' Race. You could see that the dads had taken over and done the cars.

I'm glad you and Trevor are the kind of parents that will use it as an opportunity to spend time with Nathan and Grace and let them do it and learn and be proud, whether they win or not.

Karen said...

Pinewood Derby was one of my son's favorite parts of scouting. He has all his cars, lined up on a shelf in his room. It's so cool that your church has one for all the kids, girls included! It sounds like you've found a church to call home. I'm happy for you.

Leah in Iowa said...

Sounds like lots of fun! I attended AWANA for years, but we never had a Grand Prix night! =(