Friday, November 14, 2008

Thank Goodness For Skin

Gracie has a bad habit of standing on the edge our our slippery, porcelain bath tub when she is ready to get out. Keep in mind that she is as slippery as a fish and that the hard tub is not in the least bit forgiving. Every time I find her perched on the edge, ready to leap out to the bathmat, I have to remind her (and remind her, and remind her, and remind her) that it's dangerous and that she might break her head open.

So last night after the "Grace, I've told you a blah blah blah stand on the edge blah blah, kill yourself, she said:

If I fall and break my head open, you'll see my whole blood.

Well, OK. I guess that's better than half blood, whatever that might be. Then she went on to say:

You can't see my blood because I have my skin on.

Does she think it's removable?


Jill said...

adorable, I tried to read it with that little texan accent...I bet it was even cuter.

luvmy4sons said... precious...I just want to gobble her up! Oh...thank goodness she has her skin on...she's protected! LOL!

Mocha with Linda said...

She's so darling.

Well, I am living proof that you can keep your skin on and still be in a world of hurt!

The Young's said...

you've gotta love the way kids think!!!!so precious!!!

Crystal said...

How cute!