Wednesday, November 26, 2008

It's Almost Time!

I am blogging from my parent's computer in Louisiana this morning. We drove over last night so that we could complete the journey to Gulf Shores by caravan this morning. My dad has gone to get the Grannies, and as soon as they arrive we will be heading out to Alabama.

The kids are so excited about getting to the beach and being able to play with Benjamin. They don't fly in until this afternoon, but that works out well because it will give Gracie time for a nap. All she can talk about is building a snowman out of sand. I've tried to explain that it takes skills beyond my own ability to make something like that out of sand, but all of my explaining has fallen on deaf ears. She is convinced that she can roll it up like snow.

I hope that everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving, no matter how you choose to spend the day. I have friends who go out to eat every Thanksgiving, and others that wouldn't consider it Thanksgiving without a turkey and all the trimmings. I fall somewhere in the middle. I enjoy the traditional meal, but the years that I haven't had it were not spoiled because of it. I'm more of a stickler for Christmas. I've always been the one who volunteered to work the day after Thanksgiving, so I could save my time for Christmas.

This year will be different, but I am really looking forward to this time with my family. The older we get, the less time it seems we have to just hang out and reconnect. I'm glad that we planned this special trip to get away from it all, together.


The Small Scribbler said...

Have a WONDERFUL time together! Happy Thanksgiving.


Rachel said...

Have fun! Happy Thanksgiving!!

Rachel said...

Have fun! Happy Thanksgiving!!

Lisa said...

Have fun! I hope you have good quality time with your family. Happy Thanksgiving

Crystal said...

Have a great Thanksgiving!! You'll be heading my way and spending tine in a place that I've been many times! Growing up we spent many vacations in Gulf Shores!!! We still visit there when we go to Ft Morgan! Ihope yall have a great time!

luvmy4sons said...

Happy Thanksgiving to you.