Wednesday, June 18, 2008

We're Missing a People

That's what Gracie said on the way home from Trevor's parents house this evening. We were asking her if she was excited about Nathan coming home tomorrow, and after she enthusiastically answered in the affirmative, she told us we were missing a people.

Yes. Yes, we are.

We are missing a people in our family, and his name is Nathan. He has been gone for roughly 3 weeks now. He spent the first week in Washington, DC with Patrick, Ronna and Benjamin. He came home long enough for me to wash his clothes, repack them and send him on a trip with Nannie and Papa to Tyler for a week. He came home for one night, and then went home to Louisiana with Mama and Daddy for a week.

I am ready for my baby to be home.

I'm ready to tuck him in again at night and to be the first to greet him in the morning. I am ready to see his clothes mixed in with ours when I do laundry, and for there to be four dirty plates after dinner. I am ready to play a rousing game of UNO and to hear about the latest level he's achieved on his GameBoy.

I am ready.

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Crystal said...

I'm excited for you! I hope you have lots of time to spend together once he gets home!