Monday, May 12, 2008

Recap and Poetic Offerings

This has been such a crazy week, that I haven't had much time for logging on to the computer except to check my email and to do a little blog reading. I had such a great time in Denver, and I really wanted to devote some blog space to that trip, but I just never got around to it.

In a nutshell, it was great to spend some time with Courtney, Chris and Jack. I did some shopping with Courtney, we were able to catch a Rockies game, and we took Jack to the Denver Zoo the morning I left.

The only thing that throws me off when I go to see Courtney is the fact that she is a vegan. Like, no meat. And no milk. Did I mention no meat? Her pantry is full of organic food and her fridge is packed with tofu, rice milk and other vegan friendly foods. Basically, nothing that I eat even on a semi-regular basis.

Now this is not a slam on a vegetarian lifestyle. This is simply a few words of reflection regarding my love of meat and meat related products. As a matter of fact, I have composed a haiku in honor of my affection.

Meat is wonderful
Bacon grease used to flavor
Nothing else compares

Thank you. Thank you very much. Copies will be available upon request.

Seriously though, Courtney is very hospitable and never minded if Chris and I grilled up some fresh red meat, or when I sat down next to her at the Rockies game with a bowl of nachos topped with chili. That's love right there.

On the flip side, I always get to each a new vegetarian dish when I see her. This time she made an awesome pasta tossed with fresh roasted veggies and garlic. It was quite wonderful, as was the olive dip she made to snack on with crackers. So I miss the trans fat filled, calorie laden deliciousness of the processed foods I love when I visit, but I lose a few pounds and learn new ways to eat those veggies.

I also learned about this product while we were out shopping, and so I purchased some at a little boutique. Folks, this stuff works. We've all been there. You're at someone's house and you just can't hold it any more, or you're at work with only one bathroom that everyone shares. Never again will you suffer embarrassment for the natural workings of your body. That's right, it performs just as advertised. (The name alone sends me into fits of giggles).

I also have many pictures of the trip, but I need to get them all organized and in a slideshow before I post them. That's probably what I'll be doing this evening between laundry and dinner. Because I'm all about multi-tasking....


Mocha with Linda said...

Welcome back to ye olde bloggy world! I've missed you!

Love your haiku. And I'm right there with you on the meat. (Of course, vegan Texans due exist, but I think it's an oxymoron!!)

And that product is hilarious! I'll have to give it a try.

The Young's said...

OH MY!! I've GOT to get some of that product!! ;0 It would definitly be helpful!!!! I can't do the vegan thing either. I LOVE meat too much. It is a healthy lifestyle...but just seems like it would be SO boring!!! Missed your posts!! Glad to see you're back. Thanks for the comment on my blog!!! I am hoping that this is just a normal thing!!! Hope you have a GREAT day!!

Dave and Lisa Swinney said...

That is hillarius! Every household needs some of that stuff. Also, I like the idea of being a vegetarian, but I like meat way too much.


luvmy4sons said...

Yea! I would like to visit your friend! I love to visit other vegans and get new recipes...

NO milk
NO eggs
NO meat
Great world with only plants ...LOL!
Just had to give you what for! Love you girl!

Alana said...

Love your haiku and heartily agree ;-)

Not so sure about the bathroom product. I like the idea, just not the name...yuck!

Anonymous said...

That bathroom product made me giggle :)

I go through vegetarian phases (I find I go off meat usually during pregnancy) but not vegan - love my milk and cheese!