Saturday, October 6, 2007

Will You Pray With Me?

I know that I have many sisters in Christ here in the blogosphere, and that is why I am putting this out there. I have a dear family member who has been struggling with addiction for some time now, and she is finally willing to go through a rehabilitation program to get her life in order.

Girls...she is in need of much prayer. She is a beautiful, funny and mother to a wonderful little boy. Her life is in such shambles that it is hard for her to see days in the future, much less years. She is literally fighting for her life, and I firmly believe that the only way she is going to overcome this is through prayer (ours and hers) and through a spiritual awakening in her dry and thirsty soul. If anyone was ever in a desert place, it is her.

So I call on you, my sisters in Christ, my fellow prayer warriors....lift her up. Lift her up and thwart the plans that Satan has for her. Pray that God's will is revealed to her in a mighty way and that her life will be a testament to His mercy and grace.

Just pray.


Heather C said...

You've got it, sister. Praying now.

Alana said...

I will pray for her. God can deliver her from this! And what a testimony she will have!