Friday, July 25, 2008

All Things Considered, We're Doing Just Fine

Well, my call Sunday morning went fine and so did lunch. Everyone enjoyed the ham and the dressing is always a hit with his family. We wrapped the afternoon up early since everyone was pretty tired, so the kids and I were able to relax and unwind.

I was feeling very happy and in control of my destiny, so I decided to go to bed early in preparation for Monday morning. I was slated to work the early shift, which meant leaving the house around 6:45 am. I had already spoken to Heather about dropping Grace off a little early, and Morgan was due to arrive between 7 and 7:15 to take care of Nathan. He had already informed me that he was OK to stay home for a little while by himself until Morgan arrived.

So I went to bed with a self-satisfied smile and all was well with my world. Sure, Trevor was halfway across the globe, but I had a Plan.


I was ripped from my dreamless sleep at 10:00 pm by the sound of the phone ringing. Since everyone who knows us is aware that we are usually in bed by 9:00, I assumed that it was some sort of emergency (or at least it had better be!). It was Heather, calling to say that her youngest son Carson had high fever and that she would not be keeping Grace in the morning.

So much for the Plan. The disruption of my Plans seems to be a recurring trend in recent days.

So, I did what I always do when my Plans are destroyed. I pulled the covers up over my head and worried for the next 30 minutes. It was too late too call Morgan to come earlier since she is 16 and still living at home. I didn't relish the possibility of waking her parents and making them angry. It was too late to call Trevor's parents to see if I could drop Gracie off in the morning so I decided to bring her to work with me.

So, first thing in the morning, I left Nathan at home with a bowl of cereal and the remote control and packed Gracie up for the ride in to work. We were the only ones there at first because it was so early. I warmed the machines up and got everything ready for the first few patients. When it got late enough that I thought Trevor's mom would be awake, I called her to see if she would meet me halfway home to get Gracie and bring her to Morgan. She graciously agreed and we set off, but not before Gracie charmed everyone with her sparkling personality and infectious smile.

The night before, the situation seemed like an unsolvable problem. I was worried about the kids, about my job and about being in two places at once. But once things got going, it all fell into place like clockwork. God knew what I needed and He provided a way for me to take care of everything. My boss didn't care that I brought Grace with me (she actually thanked me for juggling everthing). Trevor's mom didn't mind meeting me. Morgan didn't mind the added responsibility of another child, and none of it was coincidence. It was all Providence and I give God all the glory for all the pieces of my crazy puzzle of a life falling into place so neatly.

The rest of the week has been pretty smooth sailing, except for the fact that Gracie came down with a viral fever midweek, but she's feeling better now. We're all glad that it's Friday and that we have the weekend to unwind and be together. Trevor's maternal grandmother is in town, and we are going out to his parent's house on Sunday after church for his dad's world famous ribs. Well, they would be world famous if anyone outside the family ever tasted them.

I'm hoping that things slow down a bit at home and at work so I'll have time to blog more frequently. There are so many things that have happened...little milestones and sweet moments...that I intend to blog about, but then get lost in the shuffle of work, dinner, baths, housework and playing Candyland.


Mocha with Linda said...

LOL - when I read about Gracie captivating everyone with her "infectious smile" I was thinking THAT was the day she had the 103 temp!

Glad you made it through the week and hope you can have a nice relaxing day tomorrow!!

Karen said...

Blogging can wait. Playing Candyland with the kids is just where you need to be:) Nice post.

luvmy4sons said...

Life!~ Whew! Sometimes it just seems too much to juggle. It is neat to see how god provides.