Saturday, December 1, 2007

Pictures With Santa

We got up early. We drove 30 minutes to the nearest mall. We arrived way too early and had to burn some time driving around and running a few errands. We stood in line 30 minutes. We had several incidents requiring hand squeezing and stern reprimands during the 30 minute wait. Here are the results:

That's right. All of the preparation and planning were for naught. Gracie saw him coming and immediately started crying. She buried her head in my shoulder and refused to even look at him. All she would say is, "I don't like him!" Poor Santa. I hope his feelings weren't hurt.


Crystal said...

My son (18 months) met Santa for the first time a week ago. It was a nightmare! He was terrified! We were out looking at lights and Santa was there. I'm not even going to attempt the mall scene! Your son's pic is super cute!

Alana said...

We had that experience with Richie at about the same age, except we waited in line for much longer...I'm thinking an hour or more. It was awful!