Monday, December 24, 2007

Cranium Games

I must take a moment to wish the inventor and creator of all things Cranium a very Merry Christmas, and the hope that they are very, very rich, because they deserve to be.

I have yet to play a Cranium game that I didn't like. Even the children's games are engaging enough that I'm not drowning in a puddle of my on drool from falling asleep mid-play. Seriously, Guess Who and Chutes and Ladders make me want to jump off a tall building.

Anyhoo, Nathan received Cadoo from Trevor's parents this Christmas, and the adults are enjoying it almost as much as he is! It's basically the original Cranium game, but it is designed for children. It still has all of the categories of the original, but it's easier and there are a few added quirks. For instance, one of the cards requires the player to go find two items before the time runs out. A few thing that I retrieved were:

  • something requiring batteries.

  • something you can pick up with your toes.

  • something you can see through

  • something with eyes.

There also these really fun decoder glasses that you have to use to read the answer or secret word on each card. Nathan really got a kick out of those!

The box says seven and up, but Nathan is six and was able to play just fine. He needed occasional help with the reading, but otherwise he held his own. I would highly recommend this game for those parents out there who find it necessary to take a Xanax (or other suitable prescription drug) when their child begs for "just one more" game of Sorry or Trouble.

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